How To Create Your Own Cake Decorating Tools

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Cake decorating can be a very rewarding hobby. You get to spend time in the kitchen, and you can also enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you’re good at it, you can even decorate cakes for a living. You can run a small business right at your kitchen, or you can decorate cakes for a bakeshop or patisserie.

The prime tools for cake decorating are, of course, the pastry bag and the stencils. Here are some ways you can create your own cake decorating tools from materials you can find at home.

What you need:

  • Parchment
  • Plastic bag
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard

Creating a pastry bag

You can create a pastry bag from a plastic bag or parchment.

Using a plastic bag:

  1. Fill a plastic bag with frosting and close off the open end. For best results, tie the top of the bag, with one corner at the bottom.
  2. Using the scissors, cut a hole at the corner of the plastic bag that will serve as the piping tip. You can cut different shapes other than a straight cut, so your icing or frosting comes out in different shapes.

For best results, keep the frosting in the refrigerator before use, so that the icing comes out firm.

Using parchment:

  1. Cut a large piece of parchment into a square.
  2. Cut the square into half, from one corner to another. You should have two triangular pieces of parchment.
  3. Lay down the triangular piece of parchment with the flat side opposite you.
  4. Roll down the right corner toward you, keeping the midpoint of the flat side fixed. Roll down the left corner toward you, and place it over the rolled-up right side. The midpoint of the flat side will be where your icing pipe be.
  5. Dampen the edges of the parchment a bit to make it easier to adjust. When everything is lined up, use scotch tape to hold the seams.
  6. If you will be adding a piping tip, you will need to cut a small hole at the corner before adding frosting. Then insert the piping tip prior to adding frosting.
  7. If you will be using the parchment corner itself as a  piping tip, then fill it in with frosting first, then make a cut at the tip. You can use different kinds of cuts to have different-shaped icing.

Creating stencils

Stencils are used when you want to decorate your cake using powdered sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, or any powdered ingredient. You can do the following for stenciling patterns into your cake.

  1. Cut out shapes from thin cardboard.
  2. Use toothpicks to lay out shapes on the cake.
  3. You can also use doilies for small shapes and patterns.

Once you’ve laid out the stencil on the cake, dust some powdered cocoa, sugar or cinnamon into the cake using a fine-mesh sieve.

Decorating a cake at home is easy if you have the right tools. You don’t necessarily have to buy these from the baking supplies store, as you can create your own pastry bag and stencils from home.


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