How To Decorate a Birthday Cake for Men

Chocolate cake

Birthday cakes now come in different shapes, sizes and decorations befitting the occasion. Modern icing techniques and cake toppers make a huge difference when buying or making a birthday cake. Oftentimes men are presented with the same type of cakes that are given to women, forgetting the fact that birthday cakes can be decorated differently to suit a male recipient.

You can learn some great decorating tips from the excellent Cake Decorating Secrets - this is a fantastic guide that anyone, of any age or skill level, can use to make eye-catching cakes!

To decorate a birthday cake for men:

  1. Consider the age of the birthday celebrant when you decorate a care for a male person. You have more choices and decorating ideas if the birthday cake is for a younger man. Toys, hobbies, favorite cartoon characters and mascots and animals are plenty and you can buy them as cake toppers. Plastic toys and cartoon characters and plastic animals can be washed and dried and glued to the cake with sugar icing. Fondant can be colored and molded into different shapes for edible cake decorations.
  2. Use manly colors for cake frosting if the birthday celebrant is older. Use beige, cream, brown, deep red, and blue as well as green and yellow as main and accent colors. Use more traditional cake flavors as vanilla, mocha, butter and chocolate for the cake. Do not make them too rich if you are using chocolate unless the recipient loves chocolate as this flavor is more associated with women.
  3. Check the man’s profession, hobbies, favorite sports, and interests and use these to create shapes and figures out of fondant and icing sugar. Japanese manga characters appeal to young and old males. There are several patterns and plastic toys that you can buy and use as cake décor or cake topper. Use good colored pictures as templates when you want to build sugar icing toppings and molded fondant decoration.
  4. Use seasonal activities that males engage in such as biking, surfing, wake boarding, mountain climbing and fishing as the main focal points for decorated birthday cakes for men. A plastic bicycle can be laid flat on top of the cake and sugar icing figures and accessories can be added to make a good scene. Mountains and rivers can be created with colored frosting. Draw grass, trees and foliage with colored sugar icing.
  5. Make a cake in a different shape other than the usual, round, square or rectangle. Make a cake that look like a hammer if the recipient is a weekend carpenter. Decorate a cake to look like an open briefcase or a laptop for a businessman. If he is a car racing enthusiast, create a cake in the shape of a racing car and decorate it with the colors and emblem of his favorite racing team or favorite race car driver. If he likes to sail, you can make a cake in the shape of a sailboat or a small yacht or even the ship’s steering wheel. Add anchors and ropes for a nautical look. Base other cake shapes on the man’s profession for a truly unique male birthday cake.
  6. If the male birthday celebrant likes to drink wine, look for mini wine bottles - either plastic replicas or actual mini bottles with real wine. Add a bunch of fresh grapes and some cheese slices and arrange them on top of the cake.

There are several birthday cake decorating ideas for a male recipient. Use your imagination and tailor fit the decoration to the person who will be receiving the cake. It is more heart-warming to receive a cake that is not run-of-the-mill as this will suggest the care and thought you put into making and decorating a special birthday cake for a very special man.


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