How To Decorate a Cake

Rose decorated wedding cake

Are you tired of boring homemade cakes that lack the decorations you see on store-bought cakes? For your next occasion, try decorating your homemade cake. Your delicious cake will now have an impressive outer appearance. Here's how to decorate a cake:

Ingredients and supplies:

  • Cake decorator bag and tips
  • Frosting
  • Food coloring
  • Dull knife
  1. Color the icing. For most cakes, you'll want at least two colors of frosting or icing; one for the background, and one for decorations. Of course, you can use as many different colors as you want. Make homemade frosting, or use the store-bought kind. Just mix in food coloring a drop or two at a time until you get the desired results.
  2. Frost the cake. The first step to decorating a cake is to coat the cake completely in icing. Just use a spatula or dull knife to spread the icing onto the cake. If you find that cake crumbs are getting into your icing, spread a thin layer of icing first, then refrigerate the cake for half an hour, and spread another thin layer of frosting onto the cake. This will make a smooth, crumb-free surface.
  3. Use the decorator bag to add professional edging. Have you ever wondered how cake decorators get those fancy edges on their cakes? The answer is a cake decorating bag. Fit your chosen tip on the plastic bag, fill it with icing, and squeeze out a line of frosting along the edges of your cake. This step is easy once you get the hang of it; it's just like squeezing out a tube of toothpaste. Decorator bags are an essential tool if you want your cakes to look professional. Use even pressure so that your lines end up being the same width all the way around the cake, and go as slowly as you need to in order to control the line.
  4. Add piped decorations. The same decorator bag, with a set of different tips, can be used to make flowers, stars, and other shapes. Just choose the right tip, and squeeze out the shapes you want.
  5. Write a message. You can use a thin tip on your decorator bag, or purchase gel frosting tubes made for writing on cakes. Simply write your message in the center of the cake.
  6. Add finishing touches. Birthday candles, real flowers, and a range of edible store-bought decorations can be used to decorate your cake. You can even decorate the cake with a design of candies. If the cake is frosted with chocolate icing, consider sprinkling it with a dusting of powdered sugar for a unique finish.

Decorated cakes make the perfect dessert for every occasion. Next time, skip the plain cake in favor of a fancy homemade cake that you have personally decorated.


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