How To Decorate Cakes

What makes a cake pleasing to your appetite is the way it is designed to attract your taste buds just by looking at it. There are several steps in decorating a cake, but before getting started you must be sure to create a flat cake in order for the icing to spread evenly. In making your flat cake you must make sure that there are no air bubbles in your batter so that when you put your cake in the oven the surface wouldn't blow up. After achieving a flat surface for your cake it's time to put on the icing. You might need a spatula for this one because the icing must be as perfect as possible if you really want a nice background for all the added decorations later on.

  1. Put the icing on top of the cake. Get a desired amount of icing with the use of your spatula and spread the icing evenly on the top of your cake. Remember not to let your spatula get in contact with the surface of your cake to avoid crumbs in your icing. Add more icing on the sides of your cake. Distribute the icing fairly to all parts of your cake and use the spatula to get rid of extra icing and achieve a smooth finish. If you want to bake a round cake and you may want it to have layers then just bake another layer of cake but this time the diameter of the pan must be smaller than the previous one. Put it on top of the first layer of cake and repeat the procedure in placing the icing.
  2. Put on the cake borders.  Fill decorating bags with the right amount of icing. Decorating bags are made of Featherweight, Disposable or Parchment paper for easy use and handling. After filling your decorating bags with icing, release air inside the bag by squeezing a small amount of icing in a bowl. Now you're ready to put those fancy borders. Set your decorating bag in an angle 45 or 90 degrees above the cake and put pressure on the bag to release the icing boarders. Repeat the same to all edges of the cake. If you want different border designs around your cake you can easily change the decorating tips with the use of a coupler.
  3. Apply a pattern to your cake. Applying the pattern is the most exciting part in decorating cakes because it widens your creativity. First step is to print or draw your own pattern on a sheet of paper and place a parchment paper on top of your pattern for easy tracing. Draw on top of the parchment paper, tracing the pattern under it with the use of another parchment bag filled with clear Piping Gel. After finally tracing everything on the pattern, slowly get the parchment paper and turn it upside down on the cake. Lift the parchment paper when the Piping Gel has completely transferred onto the cake. Now, all you have to do is to color your pattern using your decorating bags each filled with different colors of cake icing. Expand your imagination and decorate your cake the way you want it to be.


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