How To Enjoy Vegan Food in Orlando

If you’re a vegan (that is, you eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains), you’re probably used to the fact that you have to allot some time in planning where you will eat. The good news is, more places are catering to the needs of vegans and vegetarians everywhere. If you were in Orlando, Florida, you wouldn’t have to go hungry. There are lots of vegetarian options for you here. Below is a list of some of the places where you can enjoy vegan food in Orlando: 

  • Infusion Tea. This place specializes more on the available wide assortment of teas, but it also offers fruit and vegetable salads, soups and sandwiches. Some of the most popular foods at Infusion Tea include the Asian Tempeh Salad (topped with peanut sauce), veggie burger wraps, the pear salad, and strawberries and almond pita. The quaint atmosphere is notable, as well.
  • Garden Café. Garden Café is located along West Colonial Drive in Orlando, and it is a mostly vegan restaurant serving Chinese and Western cuisine. Their vegan specialties include stuffed tofu and mushroom with wild bamboo tips. They also serve dishes with “mock” meat; that is, soy styled as pork, meat or chicken. One notable example is their Beef and Broccoli. Reservations are required before you can eat at this place; make your reservations early, as this is a very popular resto!
  • No Blood No Bones. Granted, the name could be a turn-off, but it’s just a testament to how this joint is absolutely free of meat – plus, it’s a clue to its eclectic, free-spirited ambience. No Blood No Bones is a Jamaican restaurant, with organic and non-processed ingredients. Some of its most popular items include the veggie fish (not a real fish), vegetarian lasagna and veggie patty. You could also try its juices such as coconut water and cane juice, and medicinal drinks such as the Grow Locks (to facilitate hair growth) and Clear Head (to combat headaches).
  • Rincon Criollo. Located at Orange Avenue, it is a Cuban restaurant that specializes in vegetarian lunches and “faux” meat dishes. You should also try their famous beans and rice combo.
  • Uncle Henry’s Restaurant. This restaurant is known particularly for its colorful and lively ambience. It specializes in pies and soups (their tomato basil soup is worthy of mention).
  • Philly Style Subs and Hoagies. If you’re in the mood for subs, this joint is certainly worth your time. Try out their eggplant parmigiana.
  • Popular chains. You could always go in popular chain restaurants and choose the vegan dishes that they have available. For example, you could go in Crispers’ and enjoy their vegetarian vegetable soup; Olive Garden’s mushroom ravioli meal satisfies; and Chili’s black bean burger is an excellent choice as well.

Being a vegan in Orlando is not just possible, it’s totally enjoyable as well. So feel free to explore the different restaurants that specialize in vegan food, and you might even possibly convert your non-vegan friends to your food preferences, as well! Good luck, and hope this helped!


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