How To Find a Wedding Cake at the Last Minute

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Everything about planning a wedding is following schedules, meeting with suppliers, fittings with you (the bride) and your entourage, and partying right before the big day. It's a maelstrom but a happy one. While in the midst of preparation, you might forget to order your wedding cake and won't remember until the last minute. Don't panic. You can order one by looking at these suggestions.

Here are ways to find your wedding cake even when you're short on time:

  1. Don't mention the words "WEDDING CAKE." Especially when you're already pressed for time. For example, your first instinct would be to drop by a bakery or a cake store to ask the baker if they could make a wedding cake for you in two days. That's similar to sounding the alarm on a big fire. Everyone in your path will scatter on opposite directions to be as far from you as possible. Instead of causing someone else to panic about your last minute wedding cake, talk about ordering a cake for an anniversary or a birthday. This will put the baker at ease and you can talk details. Now since this is going to be a rush project, keep the cake as simple as possible given the time constraint. Another advantage to this is that it will bring down the cost of the cake. A birthday or anniversary cake will cost less than a wedding cake
  2. Just take a couple of cakes off the display freezer. You can serve a variety of cakes or simply place a couple of wedding cakes on the wedding table for the slicing ceremony. This is infinitely faster and more practical than placing a rush order for a wedding cake. Friendlier on the budget, too. Another thing that you should get off your mind is about the guests remembering whether you had a wedding cake or not. Trust - they won't remember as long as they are served dessert during the wedding feast.
  3. Go for a single-tier cake. Enable the baker to meet your deadline by helping him make your last-minute wedding cake a reality. Order something single-tier with simple rosettes. You can even ditch the wedding couple miniature toy on top if you like.
  4. Head for the bakery section of the supermarket. You will be able to find decadent chocolate cakes that can take the place of a wedding cake. So what if it's chocolate? There's no rule against chocolate wedding cakes, is there?
  5. Opt for tiny cupcakes, cake rolls, and miniature cakes. Now this is something that is really gaining favor with the wedding crowd. Cupcakes and miniature cakes are pretty and you can even afford to buy a lot for all the guests to enjoy. What's more, you won't have to be stuck with white vanilla-flavored cakes. With cupcakes, rolls, and miniature cakes, you can have chocolate, mocha, and vanilla with lots of ganache on top. Yum!
  6. Ask your mom or anyone in your family who bakes to make one for you.  Just make sure you at least have a couple of days to spare before your wedding day so that no one in your family ends up in the hospital for increased stress levels or hypertension. If you will use this idea, please do so without demanding too much out of your cake except that you want it simple, single tier, and even out of a cake mix box if this will help lessen the pressure.

If you'd rather not make a fuss out of a wedding cake, you can also choose to have your wedding without one. It's the vows that matter, not the cake.


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