How To Find Fresh Seafood

When was the last time you went out to have a sumptuous meal in a fancy restaurant? Did you just have pizza with anchovies delivered to your place? Have you experienced buying raw and fresh seafood and having it cooked right in front of you? Well these are some of the things that we seldom do but enjoy doing. It sure is nice to know that what you are eating is really fresh. Fruits and vegetables can be guaranteed fresh, but how about seafood, are they always fresh? Often we buy them frozen but there are places where we can buy fresh seafood. Fish and seafood are considered nutritious and delicious food that form part of a smart, healthy diet. Among the variety of fish that is very low in saturated fat, but high in omega-3 fatty acids are salmon, trout and tuna. Seafood gives muscle-building protein and contains essential vitamins and minerals.

There are so many restaurants now offering fresh seafood recipes. You will see fish, crabs, squids, lobsters, shrimp and other seafood in an aquarium much alive and moving. You get the enjoyment of picking the seafood you want and having it cooked the way you like it. Fresh seafood is available in the wet section of a market. They are also placed in glass water tanks or aquariums. You just point to whatever you want and the vendor will get it and weigh it. You can choose the size of the seafood you are buying.

A wide variety of fresh seafood is also available online. You have to choose the sites carefully as you will not have any assurance that what you'll be getting is really fresh. Often these online sites offer fresh seafood on a wholesale basis, which means that you have to order in bulk. This is to enable the seller to recover shipping and other incidental costs. Sometimes, even in grocery stores, you will see a section that has glass water tanks with aerators. They utilize these glass water tanks to house their fresh seafood. It's more expensive to buy fresh seafood than the frozen ones.

Another place where you can buy fresh seafood is in a fish port. You are assured of the freshness of the seafood you are buying. You can buy them still alive.

Another place where you can buy fresh seafood is in private fish ponds that offer fresh seafood for sale. These fish pond owners usually sell their products to selected buyers only. Lastly, those living near a coast also sell fresh seafood. They sell whatever is the excess of what they have caught. Usually they catch fish for their consumption only. There are times when they are able to catch more than their needs, so they sell the others.

There is nothing more sumptuous and nice to eat than fresh seafood that is cooked right before your eyes. Of course you have to pay more for freshness but who wouldn't? Fresh seafood is worth the cost and the hassle. So the next time you feel like going out for dinner, why not try one of the restaurants that offers fresh seafood cooked the way you want it and done right in front of you.


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