How To Find Low Fat Dessert Recipes Online

Are you craving ice cream but worried about your weight?  Find low fat alternatives!  You can get plenty of recipes for low fat desserts online. Here are some easy tips to learn how to make delicious treats the healthy way.

If you are looking for low fat desserts, you may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • You want to lose weight or maintain your fitness.
  • You are health conscious.
  • You have a health condition that requires you to eat right.
  • You care for someone who is under one of the categories above.

If you are under the first category, it is useful to know that fatty food have greater calories than other food. Because of this, if you decrease the amount of fat and add more fruit to your diet, you can reduce your weight as well. A good place to visit is Diet and Fitness. Here, you'll find recipes of light desserts and read tips about staying fit as well.

Eating low fat food decreases the risk of illnesses such as being overweight, having heart problems, and getting certain types of cancer, to name a few. Those who want to live a healthy lifestyle can go to American Heart Association's website at Visit the ‘healthy lifestyle' section to find helpful information about how to maintain your health. Click the ‘diet and nutrition' link to find delicious decisions - a place where you can browse easy recipes of low fat desserts. Other things to find in this place are the calorie calculator and the personalized diet planner.

Those of you who like to eat smart can check out the Mayo Clinic. You can get plenty of healthy recipes that are specialized for various needs here. Included in the list is a selection of low fat recipes and low fat desserts just for you. Another great place to visit is WebMD, the doctor on the web at

Want more? Visit's place. The section on low fat cooking contains lots of low fat recipes. In their galley are a listing of the top dessert recipes and the newest additions, and it is updated everyday, so you can find something new to try out in the kitchens of your condos, apartments, buildings, or wherever you make your food. There are ratings and reviews of each recipe on these as well as cooking tips.

Searching high and low for that low fat delight?  The Internet is stacked with towers of recipes!  You can find them in websites, blogs, forums, and groups that are about health, nutrition, and fitness. Just a reminder though; before you try any of these, examine the fat content of the food and determine if these are indeed low-fat. Totally eliminating fat from your diet is not advisable because:

  1. Fat soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A, D, E and K) bind with fats and they are not absorbed by the body if fat is not present.
  2. Fat regulates body functions, provides insulation, and supports the organs.
  3. Fat gives the body heat and energy.

Because of these reasons, it is wise to consult a professional nutritionist or dietician before making drastic changes to your diet. With these cautions in mind, have fun in finding delicious treats!


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