How To Find the Best Vegetarian Meat Substitutes

Becoming a vegetarian has its own advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage of choosing this alternative lifestyle is that it promotes a healthier well-being because you will be eliminating fats that are harmful to your body. Being vegetarian and “going green” is not difficult to do. It’s easy to decide what type of vegetarian you will be. Will you be excluding meat but not dairy? Or will you be excluding both? Pretty easy, right? Having the will to maintain it though can be quite hard and when you have access to burgers, hotdogs and steaks all your life, missing that “meaty” flavor and texture is one huge disadvantage.

Fortunately, grocery stores and gourmet shops have opened a lot of meat-substitute options for vegetarians. There are a ton of cookbooks out there that specializes in vegetarian delights. If you are a vegetarian who is currently in search for the best meat-substitutes in the country, read on and find out how.

  • Know Meat-Substitute Products. The market is filled with meat-substitute products made for vegetarians like you. Food companies like Quorn, Lightlife, Gardenburger have come up with different types of food made to substitute meat. Quorn, for example, offers meatless meatballs and chicken nuggets. Lightlife, on the other hand, has hotdogs and Italian sausages. Gardenburger sells steaks and riblets. There are tons more and by visiting meat-substitute websites, you get to know and see different kinds of products that just might tickle your palate.
  • Health Food Stores. Vegetarian food is usually sold to natural health food stores. By visiting stores like Whole Foods, your chances in finding the best meat substitute out there becomes better. Most groceries have also included vegetarian food in their stores as plenty of people are starting to choose this lifestyle. Find a store near you and start your research. Read labels on each product as most meat-substitute products contain soy that you may be allergic to. Products should be nutritious, free of animal products and environmentally-friendly.
  • Join Forums. You are not alone in this struggle of looking for the best meat substitute. Join forums for vegetarians online and don’t be afraid to ask. Some of them are willing to share their feedback on the products that they have used at one time or another. This way, not only will you get great tips but you’ll be making friends along the way too.
  • Test Products. Now that you have made an informed decision on what products to purchase, try them out and eat them. Check out vegetarian cookbooks to learn ways on how to make several dishes for variety purposes. Many vegetarian food companies have recipes on their websites as well. Feel free to each give them a try so you get to enjoy their products even more.

Finding the best meat substitute is easy when you know how. It is a trial and error process so patience is a must. Have fun experimenting and once you find that perfect meat substitute, share the good news not just to your fellow vegetarians but also to everyone. Who knows? You just might turn a carnivore into one!


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