How To Find the Most Nutritious Bagel

That one piece of bagel you put in your mouth might just have made your 1-hour bout of cardio useless. It is hard to resist the temptation of that scrumptious bagel. Since people are going the healthy route nowadays, you can actually find nutritious bagels.
Bread, muffins, and cheese can increase your intake of calories. You have to be aware of what nutrition your body needs. The standard bagel contains 300 calories, that is something you need to burn off with more than an hour of exercise. It is a good thing that companies have realized the need to have healthier bagels. Here are some nutritious brands you can choose from.

  1. Sara Lee Soft and Smooth Mini Bagels - This is a 100-calorie bagel compared to the ordinary 300-calorie one and you won't notice the difference. Sara Lee has made snacking nutritious by giving you choices of whole grain blueberry, whole grain cinnamon and whole grain plain. It is something even your kids can love. Delicious yet healthy — and a good buy.
  2. Noah's Reduced Fat Shmear Bagels - These are great tasting, yet low in calorie bagels. People always come back for more. You can choose from other flavors but this is the best selling one. It only has 60 calories and 45 calories from fat. Imagine that, cream cheese and bagel for a few calories. It is a surefire hit amongst bagel lovers.
  3. The West Coast Healthy Bagel - The ingredients of this bagel has been developed with the recipe of a nutritionist. It has Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, no preservatives, low in salt as well. Trust that this will give you the quality nutrition that you need.
  4. Healthy Grain Bagels - This bagel has only 10g net carbohydrates, 140 calories and packed with different types of grains. Reviews of this bagel are quite good even if it is not as popular as the other brands.
  5. Kim's Light Bagel - This is only 110 calories. These are Kettle Boiled New York Style bagels that are rich in fiber but low in fat. It has six different flavors, plain, wheat, cinnamon, blueberry and onion and everything. You can use a slicer and just get a bit of each one. You can buy each pack and find out that they all taste positively sinful.
  6. Controlled Carb Gourmet Low Carb Bagel - This has only 40 calories and you will be amazed at how good it tastes. The downside here is that it is usually out of stock and you need to order online to get it. Something this good is bound to fly off the shop shelves.
  7. Thin Slim Foods Low Carb Bagels - This is only 80 calories and does not taste dry or flaky at all. Some low carb bagels suffer in taste when it is low carb. This one is certainly an exemption to the rule.

It has been long given advice from doctors to watch what you eat. There are usually alternatives to your favorite food, including bagels. You can find a healthy choice, just know where to look for one and enjoy the benefits of having a good snack and a healthy body.


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