How To Flavor Coffee at Home

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A day wouldn’t be complete without indulging yourself in a freshly brewed coffee. The aroma gently tickles your worn-out senses and the bitter sweet flavor lightens your mood. Whether brewed or roasted, a sip of coffee invigorates your spirit before you face the mundane tasks at school or at work. Coffee drinkers can now enjoy the addicting flavored coffees without going to expensive cafes. Everyone can make their own version of flavored coffee anytime and in the comfort of their home. Be it French Vanilla or Hazelnut Cinnamon—you can try different flavors, creams, and syrups to give yourself a relaxing treat.

Use these tips on how to flavor coffee at home.

  1. Buy flavored coffee beans or gourmet coffee beans in your favorite grocery. This is the easiest and most practical way to get started on a flavored coffee. Cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, apple, and banana are some of the common flavors available in supermarkets.
  2. Many of you must have been craving for a different coffee taste. You can also make a special coffee mixture out of the flavored or non-flavored coffee beans. First, purchase a bag of regular coffee beans from a company you trust. Next, look at your cupboards for flavorings like vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, almond, lemon extract, syrups, etc. You can also purchase from flavor suppliers. Be extra creative. Aside from soya and milk, you can also mix lavender oils and finely milled nuts into your coffee. You can squeeze some orange, lemon, or apple to give a fruity and bitter mix to your coffee. ou can blend coffee with flavored syrups to add a different zest and tinge.
  3. If you opt for home roasting coffee, you can certainly mix a unique flavored coffee. Ingredients such as cinnamon and nutmeg can be ground up in the coffee maker. If you are using a French-press (plunger) machine, you can brew different flavors like nutmeg, nuts, and cardamom.
  4. Syrups do the trick in making your coffee extra special and are just like the ones the cafes use. A pinch of ice cream with marshmallows and nuts sprinkled on top can make your coffee more appetizing, while chocolate syrup and cocoa give an addicting taste, and a few drops of peppermint extract can lift your spirits with its taste and aroma.
  5. You can also enjoy coffee with your favorite liquor in a jiffy. Espresso blended with whiskey, rum, cognac, and other fruit flavored liquors are now served as party drinks.

For your very own blend of coffee and liquor, pour a good amount of whiskey in a glass then add coffee and sugar. Mix cream or syrup to create a creamy beverage. Enjoy! This coffee is perfect for formal dinners.

Any homemade coffee is unique and truly relaxing. It releases your inner creativity by mixing up exotic flavorings and ingredients. You will surely give a different kick to your beverage while experimenting with some of the ingredients you've never tried before.


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