How To Get Free Pizza from Pizza Hut

You know the Pizza hut pizza experience: sinking your teeth in hot and tasty cheddar cheese, crunchy vegetables, and your choice of delicious meat toppings. But did you know that you can get this experience for free? Yes you’ve read that right. You can have a great pizza for absolutely no cost! How? Follow the tips below:

Pizza Hut promos. Pizza hut loves to offer promos to people as a way of giving thanks to their continued patronage to their restaurant. Always be on the lookout for these promos in TVs, radios, magazines, and newspapers. Check carefully the mechanics on how to get a free pizza and the duration of the promo.

The Book It program, which runs from October to March, is one promo where you can get a free pizza from Pizza Hut. This program encourages students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 to read by giving them reading awards certificates and one-topping Personal Pan pizzas from Pizza Hut each time they meet the monthly reading goals set to them by their school. To enroll in this promo, introduce the Book It website to your child’s school and ask them to enroll in the program. If they are willing to enroll, click on the “Enroll” link on the top of the Book It website and follow the instructions given. Aside from regular schools, online schools and home schooled children can also enroll in this program. The process of enrolling online schools in the Book It program is the same with regular schools. Just let your child’s online school know about the program, have them enroll in it, and your child might get a chance to get a free pizza from Pizza Hut. If you child is home schooled, meanwhile, have your home educator enroll in the program and as long as your child doesn’t go to any other education facility, he’s in.

You can know more about other promos or get news about upcoming promos of Pizza Hut by going to their website or to the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant near your place.
Magazines. Some magazines offer free pizzas from Pizza Hut as prize for contests. See if your favorite magazine has an ongoing contest, which gives a Pizza Hut pizza as prize. If you can’t find a contest offering free Pizza Hut pizza in magazines, it’s maybe that you’re looking at the wrong kind of magazines. Try food, parenting, and kids magazines for better luck in finding free pizzas.

Coupons. You can also get free Pizza Hut pizzas from coupons offered by websites, magazines, newspapers, and malls. Coupons are given away in the hope that by giving a sample of their products, people are going to like their products enough to come back to their store. If you’re going to try to get free pizzas from Pizza Hut by looking for coupons, you can have a better chance of finding these in Sunday newspapers.

It always feels great to get something for free, especially if it is something that you love having. Add more fun to your free Pizza Hut pizza by enjoying it with your friends and family.


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