How To Hack into a Coke Machine

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Nothing beats a cold refreshing Coke. It is so good that you just can't go on without it. You would go to the point of stealing it off of a vending machine. What was that? Yes! You would want to get a coke for free but no such luck. The most you can do is hack your way to the machines and hopefully impress someone enough to buy you a new coke.

  1. Choose you machine. Hacking into a coke machine usually works on certain machines and doesn't work on others. Look for a machine by "Royal Vendors". You can tell by looking for labels at the side of the machine. There should also be an LED screen that continually streams "Ice Cold Cokes"
  2. Enter the access codes.  The access codes can be entered through the drink selection buttons. The default access code is 4-3-2-1. However, there are no numbers in the buttons, instead pictures of Coke, sprite and others or just blank. If the buttons are stacked from top to bottom, they will be numbered from 1 to 4. If they are placed horizontally, the first button on the left would be 1 and continue on to 4. After you type in the default code the LED screen should show "EROR". If nothing happens, chances are the technician changed the code.
  3. Navigate through the options. You can navigate through the options by jumping from one to the other.  It would depend on how the buttons are stacked but generally 1 would mean Exit or back, 2 would mean up, 3 would mean down, and 4 would let you select a file.
  4. Play. The options are dependent on the age of the machine but they would generally be "cash", "sale", "eror" and "return". Choosing the "cash" option would show how much is inside the  machine at the moment.  This is kind of cool because there are other options you can play with. One option tells you the amount that was spent for each item. The "sale" option tells you how much drinks have been sold out of the machine.

Of course, Coke won't let you get their precious nectar for free. That is why it is business. This gives me an idea for slogan. How about "Coke, I'll let you hack through my vending machine making you think that you can get a coke for free, but after it is all said and done you're still going to pay for it. You know it is worth it". I know it is a bit long but it is kind of catchy.


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