How To Heat Oil for Chile Rellenos

Chile relleno is a Mexican dish that is made of chile stuffed with cheese or ground meat with seasonings. The stuffed chile is covered with batter and fried in oil. In fact, chile relleno literally means “stuffed chile”. It is a good finger food, but is often eaten with rice and vegetables. The chile relleno’s hot taste makes it interesting and fascinating.

Frying chile rellenos is simple, but you may over cook it or it may lose its flavor if you do not fry it the right way. Here are useful tips on how to heat the oil when frying chile rellenos.

  • Choose the right cooking pan. When you are going to fry several items for more than just a few minutes, you will need a frying pan that does not heat up too easily. Chile rellenos may be fried on a shallow pan or a deep bottom pan for deep frying. If you are going to deep fry, use a cast iron frying pan because this type heats up evenly and slowly. Once the oil has reached its boiling temperature, you can adjust the cooking stove heat so the oil, chile rellenos, do not burn and overcook. If you intend to use a shallow frying pan and just turn the chile rellenos once one side has cooked, then use a non stick frying pan, such as a Teflon covered frying pan. You will still need cooking oil to fry the chile rellenos and add some flavor, but you do not need too much, and the batter of the chile rellenos will not stick to the pan.
  • Use the appropriate cooking oil. Not all cooking oils may be used for the same method of cooking. When frying in high temperature, which is more than 230 degrees Celcius or 446 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to use any of these cooking oils: sunflower oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, rice bran oil, peanut or groundnut oil, palm oil, mustard oil, corn oil, canola or rapeseed oil, and avocado oil. Olive oil can be used for medium temperature frying only, which is at around 190 degrees Celcius or 374 degrees Fahrenheit. When olive oil is heated too much, it will produce smoke, which will in turn affect the taste of the food.
  • Maintain low heat on the cooking stove. Since you will be frying several batches of chile rellenos, you need to maintain the temperature of the cooking oil. Keep the stove at low flame to prevent the cooking oil from producing smoke. Accidents may also happen if the cooking oil overheats – it can burst to flames. When using an electric stove, set the temperature at a lower range, just enough to keep the cooking oil boiling.

After using the cooking oil, you may reuse it for the same dish. But if you have fried several batches of chile rellenos and the cooking oil has significantly changed in color, then use fresh cooking oil when you cook chile relleno again in a later time.


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