How To Hold Your Liquor

In social situations, it's never good to be known as the drunk who couldn't hold his liquor. Enjoy yourself at parties but know the tricks for keeping your alcohol down. If your dad or your college days didn't teach you how to hold your liquor, follow this guide.

Step 1

Drink on a full stomach. You are less likely to be sick if you drink alcohol after a big meal. Food helps to absorb the alcohol and lessen its effect on your body. Alcohol won't flow as quickly through your blood stream, so you won't get drunk as quickly. And the less drunk you are, the better your chances are of holding your liquor.

Step 2

Stick with beer. Another trick to help you hold your liquor is to stick to drinks like beer and stay away from mixed drinks. Hard liquor has a higher alcohol content and will get you drunk quicker. Plus, the sugar in the mixers you enjoy with hard liquor makes you sicker and it will give you one heck of a hangover. With the low alcohol content in beer, you'll definitely be able to hold your liquor longer. (This doesn't mean that you can drink more beer and still hold your liquor. Clearly, we're talking doing a drink-for-drink comparison here!)

Step 3

Don't mix things up. Do your stomach a favor and stick to one type of alcohol for the evening, be it beer, wine or liquor. You'll have less stomach trouble if your alcohols don't mix. If you must mix alcohols, go with the old saying, "Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker".

Step 4

Monitor your consumption. No one else is going to know how alcohol is affecting you as well as you are. So keep an eye on how you feel throughout the night. If you feel a headache or wooziness coming on, you are dangerously close to not holding your liquor. That ‘buzz' you get from alcohol is your body's way of telling you that things are going to explode very soon if you don't stop drinking. Consume your alcohol more slowly throughout the evening so that you can always monitor the effects of each drink. And know when to stop so that you can keep your liquor down.

Step 5

Keep eating. Although you may have eaten a great meal before the party, your tummy may be empty again after only a few hours. Improve your chances of holding your liquor by keeping food in your stomach at all times during a party. Munch on high-carb snacks throughout the evenings, like chips and crackers. If you must, grab a piece bread to help absorb the alcohol and slow your alcohol consumption.

Step 6

Know when it's time to stop. Don't go past the point of no return when drinking. Know your limit, and stick to it. Switch to water or soda when you start sensing that you've had enough alcohol, and you'll be able to hold your liquor longer than if you were to keep drinking. Hangovers and alcohol poisoning are serious business, so keep yourself in check by stopping drinking before it's too late.

It goes without saying that you should never mix alcohol and driving. But just in case you need to hear it again, don't drink and drive. Many loved ones are lost each year to avoidable deaths caused by drunk drivers. Also, know the effects of alcohol on your medications before you mix them.  Some medications are deadly when mixed with alcohol, so be sure you know about your medications. By monitoring your alcohol consumption, spending the night or even staying sober, you are taking the responsible approach to drinking.


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