How To Infuse Vodka with Flavor

If you find ordinary vodka a little boring, try a flavor infusion. This can add a unique twist, and it can be a lot of fun at parties. You can be creative when infusing vodka with flavor. It takes a while, but is actually quite easy. You can make vodka in almost any flavor you can imagine.

Step 1

Ingredients and supplies:

  • Vodka
  • Flavorings (fruit, herbs, berries, or candy)
  • Large airtight container

Step 2

Choose your ingredients. For best results, use the best vodka. On the other hand, if you have some cheap vodka around, you can use it to experiment with new flavors. Just keep in mind that the taste of the original vodka will affect your results. For flavoring, you can use almost anything, including fruits, berries, peppers, or herbs. Use 1-3 pieces of fruit, 1-2 fists worth of herbs, or 2-4 fists of berries. The exact amounts depend on the flavor you want in the finished vodka. If using peppers, first decide how spicy you want the vodka to be, and choose your peppers accordingly.

Step 3

Prepare the ingredients. Wash and slice the fruits, squash the berries, and add the selected flavorings together in a large airtight container. A wide-mouth jar works well for this purpose.

Step 4

Add vodka. Pour the vodka over the flavorings in the container. Then seal it, and place it away from direct sunlight.

Step 5

Wait. For best flavor, wait at least two to five days. Citrus fruits or other strongly flavored ingredients should be done in less than a week, but softer flavors, like vanilla beans or fresh ginger, could take up to two weeks. Be sure to plan ahead if you want to make infused vodka for a party. Check on the mixture periodically, and remove any fruit that has become overripe.

Step 6

Enjoy! When you think the vodka is ready, sample it. If the flavor is not strong enough, seal the container and wait a few days longer. If it is too strong, dilute with plain vodka. Depending on the flavoring ingredients you used, you may want to strain the vodka. However, there is no need to remove the fruit in order to serve the vodka. If you want, you can strain the vodka through a funnel into the original bottle.

Even though flavored vodkas are available, they don't come in the range of flavors you can make yourself. It's easy to make your own customized vodka by infusing it with flavor. Flavoring suggestions include cantaloupe, peach, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, mango, lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon, chili peppers, or garlic. Even candy like Jolly Rancher, Skittles, or candy canes can be used when infusing your vodka with flavor. Be creative when making cocktails with your uniquely flavored vodka.


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