How To Know when your Grilled Salmon is Ready

Are you on a diet? Are you looking for something healthy and good for your heart? Well, here is good news for you. You can add grilled salmon to your selection. The American Heart Association highly suggests at least two servings of fish weekly. And salmon is the perfect choice. It is rich in protein and high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Grilled salmon may be very easy to prepare. However, it may be hard to tell when it is already cooked. Of course, you don’t want it to be overcooked. So, here are some tips on how you can cell if your grilled salmon is ready to be served:

  • Light your grill. Keep the flame low. Set it to medium. You don’t want to serve your grilled salmon this way: burned on the outside, raw in the inside. Be more cautious. Watch out the flame.
  • Don’t take out the salmon’s skin. Leave it on. It holds the salmon together and it makes removing the cooked piece from the grill a lot easier.
  • Estimate how thick your salmon is. If you are grilling a one-inch fillet, allot a grilling time of between 7 and 9 minutes. Meanwhile, if what you have is a whole salmon, perhaps about two pounds, then, spend between 15 and 17 minutes to cook it well.
  • Properly position your salmon when you place it on the grill. Set it in an angle and keep the skin-side facing down. This is going to allow you to take out the cooked piece easily. This is also going to afford your salmon to have those exciting grill marks. 
  • Control yourself. Never attempt to flip your salmon while you are grilling it. Yes, you read it right. You don’t need to turn it around. Note, however, that you are encouraged to baste your salmon with a special marinade while you are grilling it.
  • Keep track of your grilling time. Again, don’t forget to base it on the “thickness” of your salmon piece. After you have reached the allotted time, get a fork. Use it to test your salmon. Your grilled salmon is ready when its skin starts to separate and when you fork it – its meat begins to flake. You have cooked it well when it looks opaque and when it feels slightly firm.
  • Prepare to remove your cooked salmon from the grill. Get a flat, thin metal spatula. In some occasions, the skin of your salmon gets attached on the grill. You panic because after attempting a number of times, the skin remains irremovable. You can prevent this from happening by thoroughly cleaning your grill before using it.

Make sure that your salmon is kept refrigerated. Don’t bring it out if you are not ready to grill it yet. You can use cooking oil in order to avoid sticking on your grill. You can brush a thin coat of oil on your salmon while you are grilling it. Don’t worry if you have taken out your salmon from your grill a bit earlier. Expect your salmon to continue to cook even after you have already removed it from your grill.


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