How To Make a 2 Point Strawberry Mousse for Weight Watchers

Eating great food, more often than not, has served as a reward to surviving a stressful day, finishing a special project, or to just plain indulging yourself. To that end, many has founds reasons ranging from the simplest to the wackiest, to the most absurd, or even to the most improbable ones just to eat great food. And although they get the food that they want and desire so much, this comes with a great consequence. They gain unwanted pounds thus taking their body closer to the unhealthy territory.

And those who have gained weight and saw the errors of their way, joined or participated, even in their own manner, the Weight Watchers program. And because of that, they watch their weight through a point system way of living. But being under scrutiny of weight watching points does not mean you cannot eat good food like Strawberry Mousse. Here are some tips on how to make a 2 point Strawberry Mousse for Weight Watchers.

  • Watch where you are going. This two point Strawberry Mousse does not come to you through a magical delivery stork. You have to prepare it to enjoy it. So set out for the following ingredients before you indulge in this friendly sweet tooth delight. The first on your list should be a pack of Philadelphia Fat Free Cream Cheese (8 oz). A teaspoon of vanilla is needed as well. Prepare a half cup of boiling water as well. Opposite of that is a half cup of cold water. You will also need a pack of Jell-O Brand Strawberry Flavor Sugar Free Low Calorie Gelatin. That is a mouthful to say or write, but it will help you a long way in achieving this treat. Two cups of thawed Cool Whip sugar free Whipped Topping is also part of this recipe. And finally two cups of sliced fresh strawberries. Get these ingredients ready and you are all set to go.
  • Get a large size bowl. The cream cheese and vanilla should go inside the container. Now, get your hand held electric mixer and whip the initial mixture.
  • Get another large bowl. Pour in the packet of gelatin mix. Then pour in the boiling water. Your next task is to stir the water until the gelatin mix is completely dissolved. If the gelatin mix is no more, gently add in the cool water. Keep stirring the mixture. You will stop stirring if the mixture has thickened.
  • The thickened mixture is a sign that you should get your cream cheese mixture. Add the cream cheese mixture into the gelatin mixture. Incorporate the cream cheese mixture gradually.
  • Now keep stirring until the mixture is set. Then add one and a half cups of the whipped topping. The sliced fresh strawberries should be added next. And like in the other steps, stir again.
  • After stirring the mixture, pour it evenly into 10 dessert cups or small bowls. Chill it for one hour. Take it out of the freezer and top each serving bowl with whipped cream. Serve and then enjoy.

Even if you are watching your weight it does not mean you cannot enjoy good food. Enjoy your 2 point Strawberry Mousse for Weight Watchers.


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