How To Make a Brazilian Caipirinha

The Caipirinha is the most popular cocktail in Brazil. Most bars and restaurants have it on their menus. The Capirinha in its original form is made with cachaça, a strong distilled alcoholic beverage that is very common in Brazil, but you can make Caipirinhas with other beverages, like vodka or sake.

1 lemon
1 knife
A cup or glass
A few cubes of ice
Sugar and cachaça

  1. Cut the lemon: Cut in 4 equal parts, removing the white stuff that lingers in the middle (because this gives the drink a very sour taste). Cut each part of lemon in half again.
  2. Crush the lemon: Put the 8 parts of the lemon in the cup, put in 2 spoons of sugar and crush with some wood item, for example the back of your knife. Crush the lemon until the juice of the lemon is out and mixed with the sugar.
  3. Put in the ice: Put ice cubes almost to the top of the cup. Use ice cubes and not crushed ice because the cubes take longer to melt.
  4. Fill the glass: Put in the cachaça until it reaches the top and shake it all.
  5. Enjoy. If you think your Caipirinha is too sour, put more sugar in and shake again.


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Nice article. There are many variations of this drink, the one a like more is Caipiroska. In Caipiroska cachaça is substituted by vodka.

By Victor Macedo