How To Make a Candy Castle

Candies are made from concentrated solution of sugar dissolved in water. Different colorants and flavorings are added for variety of taste and appearance. Thus, for every child in the world, candies are heaven-sent. Not only do they love the sugary taste and the sweet scent, but also the attractive packaging and oftentimes the little toys that come with it.

But hey, did you know that your child can go from happy to super happy because he not only has many candies but has actually become Candy Royalty? With just a few easy steps, help make your child’s dream of being candy royalty come true. A candy castle will allow you and your child to be creative at the same time have a little bonding time.

The following are the things that you will need to prepare: variety of cookies and candies, lollipops, sugar and wafer cones, royal icing, scissors, duct tape, empty boxes of varied shapes and size, empty large cereal boxes and 2 pieces of empty paper towel rolls.

Once everything is ready, you and your precious little one may begin this exciting project! But before you begin, remember that once royal icing is exposed, it dries fast. So not only do you have to work as quickly as possible, you must also keep unused frosting.

  • The cereal box will be the main building of your castle. Hold the cereal box in a horizontal manner. Then cut both ends of the box, keeping both sides open.
  • Now attach the two empty paper towel tubes to the cut ends of the box using durable duct tape. These will be the 2 pillars of the castle.
  • You may attach smaller boxes to the sides of the pillar or the back of the castle. Similarly, use duct tape to keep the structures together.
  • Spread royal icing and decorate with candies and cookies.
  • Put a wafer cone upside down on each of the two pillars.
  • Attach 3 sugar cones on top of the box for spires. Cut the pointed end of the cone and insert a piece of lollipop to make spires. Once again, spread icing and allow to dry. Now the castle is almost complete.
  • To add a drawbridge, cut out a longitudinal piece from the castle front (part of the cereal box facing you) and roll it down. Then add a piece of graham cracker or sugar wafer as your bridge and licorice as the chain.
  • Continue spreading icing on other parts of the castle and decorate each part to your heart’s desires.
  • Once you have completed decorating the castle with candies and cookies, leave it some place where it can safely dry for an hour or two.

There you have it, hope you and your child will have a blast doing it. And if both of you are still up for more challenge, you may opt to make several small houses beside the castle, creating sort of a Candy Kingdom!


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