How To Make a Coffee Filter

If you find yourself in the mood for coffee, but without a coffee filter, it is possible to create one on your own.  This is done with a simple paper towel and a little folding.

Before you begin, please note that it is important that you not use a flimsy, thin paper towel, as it may not stand up to the hot water and could potentially break up and clog your coffee maker during use.  Instead, use a sturdier paper towel that is not decoratively perforated.

Rip off one sheet of your paper towel, making sure that you have torn a complete and full-sized square.

Now, fold the paper towel in half.  Then fold it in half again.  You are now creating a kind of cone.  The folded end will be placed point down in your coffee maker and will end up holding the ground coffee.

To prepare the coffee filter for use, hold the paper towel at the closed folded corner, and use your other hand to separate the paper towel layers and open the cone at the top.

Now place the homemade filter into your coffee maker.  Settle the folded corner in and adjust the cone for a good fit.  Using a pair of scissors, make a small cut to indicate where the paper towel is exceeding the space allowed for the filter.  Remove the filter and cut off these excess portions.

Now replace the coffee filter, again with the closed and folded corner to the bottom.  Opening the top of the filter, add the appropriate amount of ground coffee needed.

Close the basket and add the amount of water necessary.  Turn on the machine and watch your coffee brew through your homemade coffee filter.

If paper towels are not available, a piece of sturdy cloth may also be a solution for you.  As you will be drinking a beverage filtered through the cloth itself, it is very important that such a cloth be well-cleaned in preparation.  The instructions for use of a cloth would be the same.

An advantage to using a cloth would be that a re-use would be possible, unlike a paper towel coffee filter.  Simply remove the used grounds and wash and dry the material.

When coffee is needed, being resourceful can be a real advantage.  With these tips, you may never need to go without your morning coffee just because you ran out of coffee filters.


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