How To Make a Continental Breakfast

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Whether you are preparing it for yourself, for a loved one, or for clients, you of course have to know how to make a continental breakfast. A wide selection of food items can go into your continental breakfast menu. Know the basic items or staples in a continental breakfast menu and jazz it up by choosing other delightful and healthier alternatives, so you can make a good meal for yourself or a lasting impression on the person to whom it is served. Here are a few tips:

  1. Know the basic items in a continental breadfast. Look at the continental breakfast menu in hotels, motels, inns, delivery, and  lodging facilities and you will find that a typical continental breakfast includes fruits, baked goods, and beverages such as fruit juices and coffee or tea.
  2. Know who you are feeding when picking food items. When choosing fruits to go in your continental breakfast, you must take into consideration the person who will be eating it. For instance, people who will be attending long seminars will need fruits that will give them energy and that will keep them awake for the duration of the seminar.
  3. Mind your choice of fruits. Going back to the previous example, if you are feeding someone who is attending a long seminar, give him high energy fruits. Pick whole oranges, apples, or bananas in the menu; better yet, make a fruit platter so your guest has options. You can also serve fruits that are in season and make a good presentation of the fruits in glass goblets so your guest will want to eat them.
  4. Don’t forget to put baked goods. Healthy fruits are great sources of natural vitamins and minerals which are part of a well-balanced diet. Now, it’s time for some carbohydrates in the form of baked goods. Bagels are popular choices and they come in full size or as mini bagels. You can also use or add doughnuts or muffins. If you are serving several types of baked goods, it might be a good idea to choose small ones so that your guest will not be too full for the other choices, or so that he can finish his portion. It may also be a good idea to add butter, cheese or jelly on the side. If your guest is health conscious, you may want to ditch the calorie- and fat-laden bagels and donuts and offer healthy sandwiches using wheat bread and other whole grain breads. Other healthy choices are cereals (check the labels and steer clear of sugar-laden ones) and granola served with light yogurt.
  5. Serve hot beverages and keep cold ones at hand. Coffee is another staple in a continental breakfast, but who says you can’t serve your guest tea if you know he likes tea? Better yet, serve both tea and coffee. Serve your brewed coffee in a pot and hot water, tea bags, sugar and cream. For cold beverages, fruit juices, fruit smoothies and bottled water are excellent choices.
  6. After following these tips on how to make a continental breakfast, you and your guest will soon starting your day right with a great breakfast.


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