How To Make a Crown and Coke

Glass of coke with ice
One of the easiest, yet most sophisticated, drinks to make is the ever infamous crown and coke.  Made by mixing Crown Royal whiskey and Coca Cola, this is a great drink to enjoy at any time.  With a little bit of practice anyone can enjoy this delicious drink.

Step 1


The first thing to do of course before you can make the drink is to buy the ingredients.  Go to the local liquor store and buy a handle (1.5L) of Crown Royal whiskey, and a liter of Coke a Cola.

Step 2


You can use just about any cup to make a crown and coke, but it is more traditional to find between an 8-10 oz. whiskey glass.  Using this size glass will make it easier to mix the drink.

Step 3


Now that you have the Crown Royal, Coke and glasses, you can go ahead with the drink.  First put 2-3 ice cubes in your glass to keep the drink cold.  Next pour 2 shots of Crown Royal, and 6 ounces of Coke.  This is a typical combination, and you want to stick with about 1 oz of crown for every 3 oz. of coke.

Step 4


Now that you have made the drink you will want to mix the two together.  The easiest thing to do is stir with a straw.  However for a more desirable taste you can pour the drink it a second cup, and then re-pour it back into your drinking glass.  This ensures a great mix.

Step 5


Once you have mixed the drink to your liking the last thing to do is enjoy it.  Crown and coke is a not a drink you just suck down, but rather something you want to enjoy.  Take your time enjoying the flavors.

This simple yet sophisticated drink is all yours now, and you can begin to experience the taste of a great drink.

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