How To Make a Family Recipe Scrapbook

A family recipe scrapbook is a beautiful and unique way to share your family's recipes. Your family recipe scrapbook will become an heirloom, and is the perfect gift for any family member, particularly as a wedding gift. It is much more personal than a plain cookbook or a stack of recipes on index cards. Here's how to make a family recipe scrapbook:

  1. Gather your recipes. Your first step is to determine which family recipes you might want to include in your family recipe scrapbook. Don't forget to ask relatives for the recipes they usually make for family meals such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don't forget to include your family's favorite everyday recipes, too.
  2. Gather your photos. Your family recipe scrapbook should include photos of your family members as well as of the cuisine in the book. You might want to consider taking photos of your finished dishes over a few months so that you can have photos to represent most of the recipes by the time you assemble the family recipe scrapbook.
  3. Gather scrapbook supplies. For a basic family recipe scrapbook, you'll need a scrapbook album, cardstock, scissors, pens, adhesive, and plastic pocket pages to protect the recipes from kitchen spills. There are many other scrapbooking supplies available at any craft store, including stamps, stickers, ribbons, and other embellishments. You can be as creative as you want with this scrapbook. You can use a unifying theme on every page, or choose a wide variety of embellishments and other supplies for an eclectic scrapbook.
  4. Organize your materials. Separate the recipes into categories, such as appetizers, snacks, deserts, and main dishes. You might also want to separate by recipe creator or by occasion, such as holiday meals or favorite after-school snacks, depending on the intended recipient of your family recipe scrapbook.
  5. Make recipe pages. Your recipe categories will determine the organization of your family recipe scrapbook. Once you have your recipes organized, create category pages to separate the various recipe types in your scrapbook. Then, write each recipe onto a separate piece of cardstock in any format you like. Don't forget to leave room for photos, and consider including the recipe's "story" as well as the ingredients and instructions. You can write the recipes onto one color of cardstock and cut them out, attaching them to a second piece of cardstock in a contrasting color for an easy decorative touch. Your family recipe scrapbook pages can be simple or very elaborate depending on your tastes and creativity.
  6. Assemble the family recipe scrapbook. Once each page of your family recipe scrapbook has been created, slip them into plastic protective pages so that they won't get ruined through use in the kitchen. Then, place them all in the scrapbook. Don't forget to create a personalized cover for your book.

A family history scrapbook is a creative family heirloom that makes a great gift for any member of your family. It is the perfect gift for welcoming a new bride to your family or sending a child off to college. You can personalize a family history scrapbook in any way you like.


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