How To Make a French Poodle Cake

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Are you celebrating a special occasion for the little girl in your life, but don't have a lot of money to spend on cake and decorations?  As a stay at home mother, I hear your woes and have experienced them myself. What if I could teach you how to make a French Poodle cake?  I have little to no experience in the baking department, but I can tell you firsthand how easy the French Poodle cake is to create. Once you've mastered this dessert, I suggest you check out for more delicious cake and dessert ideas!

Here's how to make a French Poodle cake:

First, you need to bake 2 separate (round) cakes, as well as a few cupcakes (more on that later). I made a 6" for the head and a 10" for the body.  After the cakes have baked, let them cool down (a MUST).  After they have cooled, put a thin layer of icing over the cake (you will be adding more frosting later on).  If you are an amateur cake baker, you may wish to stick to your typical white, yellow or chocolate cake mixes.  If you know a thing or two about baking, try spicing it up with a variety of flavors and/or fillings.

Once you have your thin coat of frosting over both cakes, you can begin working on your French Poodle's body.  For this, you are going to use fondant (available at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc).  If you would like to add some color to your Poodle's body, simply dye the fondant to match your needs.

To create your French Poodle's body, take a rather large piece of paper and draw circles the same size as each of your cakes and draw the face on the paper.  Using the paper assures you that the face will perfectly fit the cake.  Roll out your fondant, place the paper stencil over it and cut it around.  Use fondant to create the eye, lashes and a nose.  And for the legs, feet and tail you will once again want to use a stencil to trace out the pattern to be sure you have the correct size.  For the added poof on your French Poodle's tail and legs (like the ones you would see walking down the street), use the cupcakes you baked with your two round cakes.

Once you have fully assembled your dog, you can begin icing your dog and giving it that "fluffy" look.  Use a #21 tip.  Be sure that your icing is not too soft, as it could melt away.  A good trick I learned from my grandmother when using bags is to have on in hand and one cooling in the fridge.  Using the icing, cover the body cake, the head cake (on tops and sides) and the tops of your cupcakes.

To add extra pizazz to your French Poodle, you can create a bow and collar using left over fondant purchase a cheap hair bow and collar from your local pet supply store.  I also sprinkled coconut flakes over the top of the poodle to give it a more life-like appearance.

In the end, you will have an adorable French Poodle that everyone will love!


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