How to Make a Fruit Salad

With Grapes and Walnuts

Try something new and delicious this summer.  Learn how to make a fruit salad!  Here is a simple recipe that you can enjoy at home or make for parties.

  1. Gather ingredients.  You will need green and purple grapes.  You will also need walnuts and chocolate chips.  Vanilla yogurt is optional.
  2. Gather materials.  You will need a large spoon, a large bowl, small cups or bowls, and spoons or forks.
  3. Wash grapes.  Rinse off your grapes with water and dry.
  4. Add grapes.  Pull grapes from the vine and place into a bowl.  Fill a little less than half of the bowl up with green grapes and a little less than half the bowl up with purple grapes.
  5. Add walnuts and chocolate chips.  Pour a cup of walnuts into the bowl and a half cup of chocolate chips into the bowl.
  6. Stir. Mix the ingredients up.  Be careful not to smoosh grapes.
  7. Serve.  Serve in small bowls or cups.
  8. Top it off.  Add a scoop of vanilla yogurt on top. 
  9. Eat! 

Enjoy your new treat!  Keep leftover vanilla yogurt in its separate container and follow storing instructions to refrigerate.


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