How To Make a Great Energy Drink

Making a great energy drink is a creative process only limited by your diet or distaste of premixed energy drink powders. The key word here is energy. Making a great energy drink is different from a weight gain potion! Another important consideration is what is the energy needed for? Is this an energy drink to get you through the day, give you an afternoon boost or help your workout feel less sluggish?

Great energy drinks can be divided into two categories and both will deliver a lot of pep. The first is a healthy, relatively organic, herb free energy drink and the second is a powerhouse with no concern for calories and the use of easy powdered additions. First, think fresh fruits, vegetable juices, ripe avocado, soy or rice milks, tofu and raw eggs. Any or all of these ingredients are the perfect base for a high protein concoction that will taste good, replace a meal and fuel at least 5 hours of your day.

Try the tofu. Drop half the package of a soft tofu square into a blender then add your next favorite base, for example, apple and carrot juice. Blending on high aim for a drinkable consistency. Now top it off with a half cup of frozen mango and one single packet of splenda or stevia. Blend on high maintaining a fluid consistency - adding water is fine - comparable to a good milkshake. This is a high protein, non-fattening energy drink that is equivalent to an excellent breakfast without any bad fat.

The second category will provide a higher carbohydrate boost and a wider variety of flavors. Sweet espresso, green tea, any ice cream, orange juice, whey or herb powders are a few of the energy drink bases one can start with to make a speedy, rich concoction best for fueling an intense calorie burning workout. The coffee or tea base will meet any requirement for a quick energy boost hard to achieve through diet alone. Making this category of energy drink also leaves room for chocolate flavors which means more caffeine.

Start with 1 cup of a sweetened espresso or cold chai. Toss in 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Now pick a good quality whey powder or herb drink blend. Add the suggested amount on the container. Give all of this a blend on the whip or aerate setting. If the mixture is too thick, add a cup of green tea. It will be overpowered by the coffee flavor in this energy drink recipe and will provide a small amount of caffeine and a great antioxidant. Now it is up to you to fit the right energy drink to your taste preferences and diet goals.


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