How To Make a Kamikaze

Kamikaze is the term used for the Japanese suicide attacks during World War II. Kamikaze pilots or suicide pilots intentionally crash their jets to the ships of their enemies to make as much damage as possible. Their jets are filled with bombs and other forms of explosive devices to make sure to hit as many ships. This is where the Kamikaze drink got its name.

The Kamikaze cocktail originated from Japan and is one of the most well known cocktails around. If you are daring enough to try out this concoction, you can follow the simple steps below and make your own Kamikaze cocktail at home:

  1. Ingredients and materials. To make this cocktail, you will need: vodka, triple sec, lime juice, shaker, high ball glass, old fashioned glass or a shot glass, a slice of lime and some ice.
  2. Clean the materials. First, clean the materials that you are going to use with soap and water. Let it dry before using.
  3. Mixing the cocktail. Measure one ounce of vodka, one ounce of triple sec and one ounce of lime juice. Get your shaker and put some ice in it. Pour all the ingredients into the shaker and shake it for several seconds, until the ingredients have been mixed well.
  4. Serving the cocktail. To serve the Kamikaze as a regular drink, get the high ball glass and fill it with ice. Strain the contents of the shaker into the glass and garnish it with a slice of lime. If you are going to serve the Kamikaze as a shot, just strain the contents of the shaker in a shot glass.
  5. Kamikaze variation. You can make variations of the Kamikaze drink. One example is the Mexican Kamikaze. To prepare this drink, all you need to do is to add four ounces of tequila to the original Kamikaze recipe. The best tequila to use for this recipe is Jose Cuervo. You can search for more variations of this drink by looking for recipes on the Internet. Or better yet, you can make your own version of the Kamikaze drink by adding other ingredients that you enjoy.

These are the easy steps on how you can make your own Kamikaze drink at home. After a few shots of this drink, you will definitely be bombed!

For more recipes of cocktails and other drinks, you can go to the official website of the IBA or the International Bartenders Association. Go to the ‘Official Cocktails’ section and click on ‘IBA Official Cocktails’. You will see a list of pre-dinner cocktails, after-drink cocktails, long drink style cocktails and popular cocktails. When you click on the name of the cocktail, you will see the recipe, the procedure and how the drink looks like.

You can use this Kamikaze cocktail recipe and other drink recipes when you have parties at home. You can also serve the cocktail with Japanese appetizers to set the mood. You and your friends will surely have a blast!


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