How To Make a Kegerator

The freshest form of beer is that which comes out of a draft. It seems to have just that extra hint of flavor and freshness that bottled beer does not. However, bottled beer is much more convenient for most people since not everyone has a bar with draft in their house. Well, there is one way to fix that and bring the draft beer home. Creating a kegerator to store a keg is not as hard as it seems, and can be a great addition to any beer drinker's home. Follow these easy steps to make your very own kegerator.

Step 1

Know what a kegerator is. Before you even begin the process of making a kegerator, you have to understand what it is. A kegerator is not a full bar, but rather a combination of a keg and a refrigerator, hence the name kegerator. The keg is housed inside the refrigerator to keep it cool. Other components include a carbon dioxide tank, regulator and a form of vinyl tubing.

Step 2

Buy the needed parts. Now that you know what you will need, you need to go out and buy the proper parts. First and foremost, you have to decide what size refrigerator you will use. This is dependent upon what size keg you have. Be sure that the refrigerator is large enough to house the keg. Next, you can go out and purchase the tank of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide regulator and vinyl hosing that will be long enough to dispense the beer. You also need a beer faucet that will be drilled into the top of the refrigerator to pour the beer. 

Step 3

Understand the components. Since you are dealing with a tank of carbon dioxide, you will need to review all safety steps and precautions. Be sure to properly maintain the tank and follow all safety standards.

Step 4

Put the parts together and hook up the CO2. Once you have all the parts you need for the kegerator, you can begin to place everything accordingly into the refrigerator. There is no one way to do this. Be sure to measure out specific areas and components to see how everything should fit best. Once you have placed everything in the refrigerator, you can begin to hook up all the hoses to the appropriate connections. The instruction manual for the tank will tell you that you need to connect a portion of the hose to the spout of the CO2 tank and the other end to the keg. This allows for the pressure to increase in the keg for use.

Step 5

Install the beer faucet. Now that you have everything in place, you can start working on drilling the hole for the beer faucet. This is your decision to make, but it is recommended that the whole be drilled in the door which is easiest to access. Be sure to drill the hole large enough for the faucet and spout to fit. Once the hole has been drilled, properly install the faucet according to the safety directions. 

Step 6

Test your kegerator. Once you have everything properly installed, you will need to test the keg to make sure everything is working. If it is too strong of a flow or too foamy, then you may need to adjust the CO2 tank. It will take a bit of practice to get this just right. 

Enjoy your draft beer from you very own kegerator. 

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