How To Make a Kir

Kir is a type of cocktail that originated from France. This is very popular cocktail that consists of crème de cassis and white wine. This cocktail is typically served before eating a meal. The ideal type of white wine to use in making Kir is dry white wine. However, there are many variations of this drink and different types of white wine are used. Nowadays, Kir can be made with crème de cassis or black currant, peach or blackberry. This cocktail is named as such because of Felix Kir. Felix Kir was the mayor of Dijon. He served this cocktail to his guests.

You can easily make this cocktail at home with just a few ingredients. You may already have the ingredients and materials that you need at home. Impress your party guests and serve them Kir cocktail by following the simple steps below:

  1. Materials and ingredients. To make the Kir cocktail, you will need crème de cassis, dry white wine and some wine glasses. Make sure that the wine glasses are clean before using them. Use soap and water to clean the glasses and let them dry for a while before using them.
  2. Making the Kir. To make the Kir, first measure 1/3 oz. of crème de cassis and pour it into the wine glass. Afterwards, measure 3 oz. of dry white wine. Pour it over the crème de cassis in the wine glass. Now you are ready to serve the Kir cocktail to your guests.

These are the easy steps on how you can serve Kir cocktails during your house parties. The recipe shown above is for the standard Kir cocktail. You can make other types of Kir cocktails by substituting the white wine in the recipe. Here is a list of the variations that you can do and the white wine substitutes that you will need:

  • Kir Royal. Substitute the white wine with your choice of champagne.
  • Kir Cardinal. Substitute white wine with red wine.
  • Kir Peche. Substitute white wine with peach liquor.
  • Kir Hibiscus Royal. Instead of white wine, mix sparkling wine, peach liquor and raspberry liquor. After mixing the ingredients together, top the cocktail off with a hibiscus flower.
  • Kir Pamplemousse. Instead of white wine, mix grapefruit liquor and sparkling white wine.

These are some of the variations of the Kir cocktail. In creating these cocktails, remember to always add the crème de cassis first before the dry white wine or the dry white wine substitutes. Doing this will result in an even mixture of the two liquids. If you add the wine first, the crème de cassis will not be able to mix in together with the wine. This is because the crème de cassis’ volume is much lower compared to the volume of the wine. If you do not mix the two ingredients, you will end up with a drink that is light pink at the bottom and red on top. This is because the ingredients did not mix together.


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