How To Make a Macchiato Coffee

Macchiato has been a favorite for coffee drinkers, thanks to coffee shops that capitalize on its very attractive name and mix. But you don’t need the Starbucks brand to experience the right blend of macchiato coffee. You can create the experience right in your very home by making your own macchiato coffee. Macchiato, which means “marked”, is a combination of yummy foam, espresso and milk. It may sound complicated, but it’s really very possible for you to have cup in hand, literally and figuratively. Here are the steps in making macchiato coffee:

  1. Get hold of top grade macchiato ingredients. Get the best of milk, espresso, shot glasses and pitcher. For the first few steps, the milk is the most important part so keep it as fresh as possible.
  2. Create the foam that defines your macchiato. Steam your milk in a pitcher that can handle a lot of heat. This is the surefire way to create the foam that will mark your cup of macchiato, true to its name.
  3. Regulate the foam content. Make sure that the foam is just a manageable amount and do not go overboard. At around 160 degrees there should already be good enough amount of foam for 13 ounces of milk.
  4. Use the espresso machine to separate foam and milk. Point the machine nozzle to the milk surface and use your other hand to swirl the pitcher of milk on the machine accordingly.
  5. Grind the coffee beans and filter the ground coffee beans. Make sure that the coffee beans are well ground and ready for mixing with the other Macchiato elements before proceeding. Filter the coffee beans accordingly.
  6. Place the coffee beans in the machine. The coffee beans will carry the flavor best with your foam so make sure that you are able to place them as carefully as possible. If you can, use it fresh from the filter basket and place it immediately on the machine.
  7. Adjust your mixture. There are two espresso shots for every 12 ounces. Depending on the amount you are making, adjust the mixture to maintain the ratio.
  8. Leave a fraction of the cup empty for the foam and fill the rest with espresso. Pour in the espresso you just made from the coffee beans and don’t fill the cup with it. Make sure that you leave enough room for foam.
  9. Design your steamed milk and foam. Here you can be at your creative best by trying to pour it artistically with designs of your choice. You can try swirling shapes for starters like a spiral and work your way with other more complex figures later in other cups of Macchiato.   

Invite your friends and have other people give feedback on your macchiato coffee. Once you get the hang of it, make it more exciting by trying on other flavorings and ingredients and test it with your taste buds. Who knows, you just might be the next Starbucks if you are able to persevere well in this art.


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