How To Make a Meat Marinade

Marinade is basically a liquid mixture seasoned with oil, herbs and spices. This mixture is used for marinating fish, chicken and meat. Marinating gives more flavor to the meat. Marinating the meat also tenderizes the meat and extends the meat’s refrigerated life.

Preparing a meat marinade is really a very simple task. Just have all the ingredients you need, and you will be done in no time. Here are the simple steps on how to make a meat marinade:

Gather all the ingredients. When making a meat marinade, you will need the following ingredients: garlic cloves, chopped fresh herbs, cracked black pepper, red pepper flakes, and olive oil.

Prepare the materials needed. After you have gathered and completed all ingredients needed, you will need the following items when making the meat marinade: sealable plastic bag or containers, mixing bowls, cutting boards, and the serving platters.

Wash the materials. Make sure that you wash all the materials needed in preparing the meat marinade. Thoroughly clean all materials. Let it dry for a while or you may also dry the materials with a clean kitchen towel.

Chop up the garlic. First you have to chop or mince the garlic cloves on the cutting board. When you are done, put the chopped garlic in a clean mixing bowl.

Chop up the herbs. The next ingredients that you need to chop or mince on the cutting board are the herbs. If the herbs you are going to use are still attached to the woody stem, make sure to remove the woody stem before chopping. Put the chopped or minced herbs in the mixing bowl together with the garlic.

Put all the other ingredients in the mixing bowl. Put the cracked black pepper, red pepper flakes and olive oil in the mixing bowl together with the minced garlic and herbs. Mix all ingredients.

Prepare the meat for marinating. Thoroughly wash the meat parts that you want to marinate.

Put the meat in the sealable plastic bag or container. The meat parts to be marinated should be carefully put inside the clean sealable plastic bag or container. 

Put the meat marinade in the sealable plastic bag or container. Widely open the sealable plastic bag or container where the meat is placed. Carefully pour in the meat marinade. Mix well before you seal the plastic bag or container.

Put the marinated meat in the refrigerator. Place the sealed bag or container inside the refrigerator. Let the meat marinate for at least several hours. For best results, let the meat marinate for a couple of days or longer.

Cook the marinated meat. For best flavor, it is recommended that you grill the meat. You may also roast the marinated meat or sauté it.

This recipe is best for outdoor events like picnics with families or grill parties with friends. Complete your meals with mixed vegetables or mashed potatoes. Aside from meat, you may also use the marinade with fish, chicken or shrimp. Enjoy!


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