How To Make a Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Margarita

A margarita is a cocktail made with tequila and triple sec with lime and lemon juice.  Others use strawberries to make it a strawberry margarita.  However, the tequila and triple sec would make it alcoholic.  There might be people going to your party that would not really want to get tipsy or drunk, but they love the flavor and the spunk of a Margarita. You, yourself, might not be comfortable serving this alcoholic drink during certain occasions, but would still love to have the taste of it.

Non-alcoholic cocktails are usually called mocktails, because they are a “mock” version of the real thing. These are handy to make, especially when alcoholic drinks are inappropriate, such as parties with minors, or when you are the designated driver. Here’s how to concoct the strawberry margarita less the alcoholic substances.  It is quite easy to make, and is something enjoyable. Surely, everyone will come back for more, without knocking down your vases along the way.

Ingredients.  You would need strawberry grenadine.  This is a thin syrup made from pomegranate juice, which would add flavor and make your concoction reddish pink in color. 

You would also be adding lemon-lime or lime soda for this drink.  Its carbonated soft-drink flavor would be the one giving you the sort of alcoholic feel, without the alcohol.  Sierra Mist, 7-Up and Sprite are the most common examples. Do not mistake it for carbonated water just because of its clear color. 

Don’t forget to have an ounce of lemon juice available. It would also be nice to have fresh strawberries for garnishing.

Use a salt-rimmed glass.  To have the full margarita effect, have this drink served in salt-rimmed margarita glasses.  First, you would need to wet the rim of the margarita glass using a lemon wedge.  Rub the wedge all the way around the rim of the margarita glass.  Have margarita salt on a small plate or saucer.  Invert your margarita glass and have the moistened rim of glass placed on the small plate or saucer with the margarita salt.  You may twist the glass a little for the salt to stick to rim.  Shake it softly to remove excess salt and then set the glass upright.  You may also use margarita sugar if you prefer the sweet taste to go with your margaritas.  Most drinkers enjoy this drink with the sugar on the rim.  Be ready to give them a taste of both if they are not yet certain of their preference.

Shake it.  Using a cocktail shaker put in ice, your lime soda, lemon juice and grenadine and shake well to mix all the ingredients together in making your drink.  Pour the drink into your salt-rimmed margarita glasses and have everyone enjoy your non-alcoholic strawberry margarita.
To add more delight, have your fresh strawberries sliced half-way and attach these on the rim of your margarita glasses. 

Enjoy your virgin strawberry margarita right away for a better feel of this cool drink.  If you would prefer to go alcoholic on this one, you should include tequila and triple sec on the ingredients.  But now, you may take pleasure in having or serving a non-alcoholic strawberry tequila with no alcohol guilt.


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