How To Make a Protein Rich Shake

Protein is an important component in building muscle.  Your muscle feeds off of protein after a weight workout.  Most bodybuilders use high protein shakes as a protein supplement after a workout.  Protein rich shakes vary depending on your tastes and ingredients.  You can make a shake with any fresh or frozen fruit, or even just plain water.  Protein supplements come in the form of ready to drink protein shakes, protein powder, or even protein bars.

Protein rich shakes are easy to make.  You need a blender, shaker cup, or even just a spoon for stirring.  You will find the best consistency with a blender.  Protein powder is best used to make a high protein shake, and can be purchased from a nutritional store, or most grocery stores.

Your first steps in making a protein rich shake are gathering up the ingredients and supplies.  You'll need something to mix the drink in.  I prefer a blender.  For a simple protein shake you need your protein powder flavor of choice and water.  Add one scoop of protein powder and 8 oz of water to mix.  To make the shake really high in protein, add an additional scoop of protein powder.  Mix together and you have a basic protein shake.

Other variations of protein shakes include adding fresh or frozen fruit.  One of my favorite protein shakes includes frozen strawberries and chocolate protein powder.  You would add the ingredients to a blender and blend until the strawberries are smooth.  This makes a great frozen protein shake, especially satisfying after a hard workout.

For even more variations in your high protein shake you can experiment with adding natural flavorings and more protein.  To get a shake that tastes like an apple pie you'd want to use apple juice as your liquid base.  Add vanilla protein powder, some cinnamon, and a bit of frozen whip cream to the top.  Yum, a liquid apple pie that gets you the protein you need and tastes like a delicious dessert!  Adding ice or other flavorings will get you more of a frozen protein shake consistency.

High protein shakes are easy to make and vary depending on what you like.  You can't go wrong adding your favorite ingredients and mixing your protein supplement in a blender.  The end result will always be a nutritious protein rich shake.


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