How To Make a Quick Tuna Melt Wrap

You will need:

  • Ranch Dressing
  • 2 Flour tortillas (wheat or white)
  • 1 can of Tuna
  • Shreaded Cheese (any kind you prefer)


  •  Mix a can of tuna with about 2 tablespoons of Ranch dressing.


  • Lay flour tortilla out on a plate.  Sprinkle shreaded cheese over the top of the tortilla (see photo).  Corn tortillas will crack.

Step 2 Photo:


  • Spread half the tuna mixture onto the center of the tortilla (see photo).

Step 3 photo:


  • Sprinkle some more cheese on top of the tuna mixture.
  • Roll tortilla up, making sure there is some cheese at the end of the tortilla.  The extra cheese at the end will make it 'stick' to the rest of the tortilla (see photo).
  • Lay tortilla so that the opening end is on the bottom.  The weight will keep it from unrolling.

Step 4 photo:


  • Microwave for about 40 seconds on high setting.  Let cool for a few minutes and enjoy!

One can of tuna fish will make 2 tortilla wraps, but you can make it go farther by splitting the mixture into 3 parts.

Cut in tortilla wrap half for younger children.

Put some ranch dressing on the side of your plate and dip the wrap into it.  YUM.

You can also add other ingredients, like; chopped green onions, vegetables, etc.  But this is the quickest.


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I forgot to say that you can use chicken instead of tuna (canned or fresh). If using chicken (for 2 people), I will cook several thighs until the meat is very tender, let cool, then shred it. It tastes SO good with the chicken (my personal preference).

By Ann Fournier