How To Make a Rubber Duck Themed Baby Shower Cake

Celebrating baby shower

The baby shower is one of the best ways to welcome an infant into the world. When it comes to baby showers, the theme that works best is the Rubber Duck theme. Once your child is old enough to play in the tub, one of the companions that he will love most while in the water is the rubber ducky. Here are the steps to create a rubber duck themed baby shower cake.

  1. Bake the cake. Making cakes is easier today because of cake mixes that will allow you to easily bake your own cake filling. Choose a flavor that you like, and mix the ingredients together. Place the mixture into three round pans that are each slightly larger than the other .this will create a three tier cake. In some specialty shops, you can also find duck shaped tins which will allow you to create a cake shaped as a duck.
  2. Pile the layers. Once the cake has finished baking, you can arrange the layers on top of each other. To make the cake tasty, apart from beautiful to look at, slice each in half and add filing in between the cake. You should also add icing and cake filling in between each tier.
  3. Add water themed frosting. The next step is to create the frosting that will cover the cake. Since the theme is rubber ducky, you should create blue colored frosting that will simulate the look of water .add light blue food coloring into the mixture. For best results, you should add first a light blue frosting, followed with darker blue frosting. For highlights, add white frosting. Use a spatula to mix the different colored frosting and create the look of water in motion.
  4. Create a duck fondant. For the actual rubber ducky that will be placed on top of the cake, you can use a duck shaped cookie cutter to create a fondant shaped like a duck. Use yellow frosting to give the fondant the classic yellow color of rubber ducks. Add some orange frosting for the beak, and two chocolate chips for the eyes. Or, you can buy an actual rubber ducky and place it on top of the cake.
  5. Finishing touches. As the finishing touches for the cake, you can use a small doll to accompany the duck fondant. This gives the impression of a small child playing with the rubber ducky. Simply remove the legs and position the doll on top of the cake, beside the rubber ducky. In some cases, the doll will not stand on its own on top of the cake. To stabilize the doll, insert a small chopstick through the doll body, which will act as the root that will keep the doll stable and standing on top of the cake. Add the name of the baby on the cake, and serve.

With a little effort, you can create a cheap but very tasty and beautiful duck themed baby shower cake. With these steps, you can customize not only the appearance of the cake, but also the flavor and the design details of the cake.


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