How To Make a Sandwich on a Stick

Making a meal that is healthy, great tasting, and easy to prepare can seem challenging at first. One of the dishes that can help you out, however, is the sandwich on a stick. The sandwich on a stick is both simple, easy to prepare, and is perfect for both lunches at home with kids, or camp outs and picnics. The dish is also very easy to tailor to your own needs, whether you are dieting, looking for nutrient rich foods, or simply looking for an indulgent meal. Here are the steps to creating your own.

  1. Cut into ingredients into squares. The basic ingredients for the sandwich on a stick are pieces of cubed bread, cheese, and lunch meat. Take a bread knife and slice these into small squares that are roughly an inch and a half on all sides. Slice the meat into similar serving portions as well. For the cheese, you can purchase the pre-cut cheese products that are used as toppings for burgers. These can be quartered to create smaller slices that will fit into your sandwich on a stick.
  2. Skewer together. Connect the ingredients by layering the filling on top of each other. Add other ingredients such as olives, lettuce leaves, and slices of tomato. For skewering, you can use barbeque skewers, or small chopsticks. There are also party skewers that come in different colors which you can use. These are especially useful for birthday parties, since the party skewers are cheap, colorful, and usually come with small umbrellas or other designs on the handle tip.
  3. Serving suggestions. Once you have skewered all of the sandwiches that you need, you can serve the dish on a piece of whole pineapple. Attach the skewered sandwiches on the surface of the fruit to create an edible serving platter that will also act as your table centerpiece. If there are no pineapples available, you can simply use other soft and spongy fruits such as watermelons.
  4. Other variations. There are plenty of variations that you can do with a sandwich on a stick. To create dieter friendly sandwiches, you can use whole wheat bread and non fat cheese. You can also thematically choose your ingredients, such as by adding lunch meats cured in curry powder and paprika if you want to go for Indian styled sandwiches. For Chinese dishes, on the other hand, you can create flat dumplings that will fit into the sandwiches. The lunch meat can also be replaced with grilled salmon, or tofu for a lighter meal.
  5. Serve with dressing. Once the sandwiches have been prepared, you can serve the dish with dressing. One of the basic dressings that you can prepare is mayonnaise mixed with oyster sauce, a dash of salt and pepper, tomato ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce. You can also purchase prepared dressing.

The season for family get-togethers, office parties, and year-ender celebrations is at hand. Instead of panicking on which food items to prepare, however, you can save yourself on time and effort by making sandwiches on a stick.


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