How To Make a Singapore Sling

Cocktail parties are not complete without the presence of the Singapore Sling. Today, it is the most commonly heard cocktail drink around the globe. The drink, as the name implies, originated from Singapore. Since 1910, hotels, resorts, as well as restaurants began serving it as one of their best drinks. Because of its color, which is pink, most people thought that it is a type of a women’s drink. Now, Singapore sling has become a classic. With the help of a few ingredients, you can make a Singapore sling, here is how:

Classic Singapore Sling Technique

Get ready with the following ingredients: gin, pineapple slices, cherry brandy, club soda, grenadine, ice, sweet and sour mix, and cherry brandy. All ingredients except grenadine and cherry brandy measures one ounce. Other ingredients measure half an ounce.

  1. To achieve a pink tinge, pour the grenadine in a glass. Most bartenders prefer to use the Collins glass. Add some ice. You can fill the glass if you want.
  2. Mix the sweet and sour recipe with the gin. Make sure that they measure equal amounts. Pour the club soda. Mix the ingredients.
  3. Use the pineapple slices to decorate your drink. The number of slices depends on your preferences.

Classic Singapore Sling Twist:

If you want to experiment on unusual taste for your Singapore Sling, here are some tips:

  1. Use Triple Sec to add flavor. You may also use Angostura bitters.
  2. If you want a fresh curl, you may add lime.
  3. Pink lemonades are good garnish.
  4. To add more bubbles and citrus, you may use a lemon soda.
  5. Sprinkle some sugar. It can alter the sharpness of the drink’s taste.

Shaker Singapore Sling Technique

Use the same ingredients like the Classic Singapore Sling. You will need additional Benedictine and a shaker.

  1. Use a shaker to mix the following ingredients: Sour mix, gin, lemon juice, Benedictine, and ice. Shake the mixture three to five times.
  2. If the ingredients are already mixed, pour it into a glass.
  3. Pour some club soda on the mixture.  To add a twist, pour the brandy on the center.
  4. Use some fruits or a flag to garnish your Singapore Sling drink.

Twisted Singapore Sling Technique
Ingredients are the same with the Shaker Singapore Sling. Just add Cointreau, bitters, and maraschino cherry. Use a martini shaker.

  1. Use a martini shaker. Pour some ice in the shaker. Make sure that you fill one fourth of the shaker.
  2. Mix the following: Benedictine, cherry brandy, gin, and Cointreau. Shake the mixture.
  3. Add some grenadine, bitters, lime and pineapple juice to the previous mixture. Shake it.
  4. This time, secure the lid of the shaker. Shake the mixture for twenty to thirty seconds.
  5. Strain the mixture in a cocktail glass. You may choose any glass of your choice.
  6. Use maraschino cherry and pineapple slices for garnishing. Use the pineapples on top. Use the cherry as the base of the drink.

Make your cocktail parties more wonderful with the help of a Singapore Sling. Your guests will surely enjoy. Use the techniques above to make your own Singapore Sling. 


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