How To Make a Snow Cone Mix

Summer will never be complete without snow cones. Kids love this cool summer snack, especially during hot weather. Why don’t you make your kids happy by simply preparing a snow cone mix that they’ll surely love? After all, snow cone mix is very cheap and easy to do. Your kids can also help you make their favorite snow cone mix flavors.

Prepare what you need first:

  • 2 ½ cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 small pack powdered juice, unsweetened.
  • Pot
  • Wooden spoon

Steps in making a snow cone mix:

  1. Put water into the pot and add the sugar. Maintain medium fire while heating the two ingredients. Constantly mix the two ingredients until they start to boil. Remove from fire immediately when the mixture starts boiling.
  2. Add the powdered juice to the sugar-water mixture. Mix the ingredients until the juice is totally dissolved.
  3. Cool the finished product before putting it in the fridge.
  4. The snow cone mix is ready for use. It may become a little sticky when it cooled down but that’s okay for as long as it can still make your snow cone yummy.

After that, you can add the snow cone mix to the crushed ice. You can use a special device like the Snoopy Snow Cone Maker to make some ice. You may also grate the ice or crush it using a hammer. When using a hammer, make sure that you will put the ice in a clean cloth or thick plastic.

You can turn your snow cones into something extraordinary using your imagination. Here are some tips for better tasting snow cones:

  • You can try different flavors for your snow cone mix for as long as you can find a powdered juice for that. You can even mix flavors like mango and orange or strawberry and lime. Experiment and you might discover a new tasty flavor for snow cone mix.
  • Add evaporated milk or fresh milk to the snow cone ice. Even a small amount of milk will make your snow cone extra tasty.
  • Try to add fruits of the same flavor as your snow cone mix. For instance, if you will be using orange flavor, you can try adding orange pulps. That will make your snow cone not only tastier but also healthier.
  • Give your snow cone some style by putting it in a colorful cone or by using snow cone mix with different flavors. You can also put a straw or some pretzels on top of the snow cone.
  • Use colorful toppings like coated chocolates and sprinklers. Kids will surely love that. You can try other toppings like nuts, jellies, marshmallows, crushed cookies, or chocolate. Fruits are great toppings, too. Even ice cream can be a good topping for the snow cone.

Snow cone mix is so simple to make. It looks simple also. But with a little creativity, the ordinary-looking snow cone will be extraordinary. Just let your and your kids’ imagination do the trick. 


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