How To Make a Sombrero Cake

Throwing a Spanish themed party? If so, then you will need a lot of decorations to pull off the theme just right, a burro, sombreros, and the like. However, décor may not be everything you can prepare. You will want your food to work within the theme as well. One aspect in getting your food out there Spanish style is by preparing the cake with a Latin American feel to it. Enter the sombrero cake. Intrigued? Well, it is basically a cake designed like a sombrero. Intrigued more? If so, know that it is easy to make contrary to what you are thinking. Here are the simple steps to do it and all you really need to have in your arsenal is some basic know-how in baking.

  • Start with the bottom layer cake. This will be the flat part of the sombrero. To make the cake, you will want to use a round baking pan with a diameter of 16 inches. Assuming that you already have this, start mixing the batter. Start with a couple of boxes of chocolate cake mix followed by oil, eggs, and water. Make sure to check out the directions on the cake mix box to ensure that you are doing everything correctly. Once the mixing is up to expectation, pour the cake batter into the 16 inch pan. Do not fill it to the brim. Fill it up to about half the height of the pan. Bake as instructed on the box. Check the cake once in awhile by inserting a toothpick through the cake. If it comes out clean, then your cake has been properly baked.
  • Continue to create the top layer. The top layer will be the top part of a sombrero. To do this, you will need to use a batter bowl that is oven-safe. Mix the ingredients in it, chocolate cake mix, water, eggs, and oil. Mix it all up as instructed and pour in the batter bowl. Insert in the oven and bake it at about 350 degrees. Again, do the toothpick trick in order to know if the cake has been properly baked.
  • Prep the frosting. In another batter bowl, pour in some shortening, about a cup will do. Drop in about 2 teaspoons of vanilla and start beating away. As you beat, add about 2 to 2 ½ cups of sugar, the powdered kind. Add about ¼ cup of milk and another 2 cups of sugar. Keep beating and adding milk until the batter until you reach the desired consistency.
  • Assemble the cake. Once each cake has been baked and cooled, it is time to assemble it. Start with the base. Place it on your platform and trim the edges to make it rounder and look more like the bottom part of a sombrero. When that is done, place the top cake layer, the top part of the sombrero, on top at the center of the base. Start frosting both layers and you are done.

Do not present the cake without the necessary embellishments such as a variety of colored frosting. Create a variety of shapes from your frosting from flowers to stars. It is up to you at this point.


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