How To Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake

If you’re making a big Thanksgiving meal, don’t forget about a holiday-themed dessert. Turkey cupcakes make a fun dessert for your Thanksgiving meal. Kids will love them. You can even get your children involved in the decorating process when you’re making turkey cupcakes. You’ll start with a plain cupcake, and then add frosting and candy to create a turkey. Here’s how to make a turkey cupcake:

Ingredients and supplies
Cupcakes (any number)
White frosting
Flaked coconut
Coconut marshmallows
Gummy fish (Swedish fish) and/or candy corn
Chocolate sprinkles
Brown cupcake liners
Knife (plastic if decorating cupcakes with children)
Cookie sheet

  1. Make the cupcakes. You can start from scratch or use a boxed mix. It doesn’t matter what color of flavor of cupcake you are making, since the top will be completely covered in icing. Make them in brown cupcake liners, if you can, for a seasonal touch. Wait for the cupcakes to cool completely before decorating them with your turkey design.
  2. Toast the coconut. Spread the flaked coconut on a cookie sheet, and bake until golden once. Turn once so that both sides get browned; this process should take about 5 minutes per side in a 350 degree oven. This step can be done while your cupcakes are baking to save time.
  3. Prepare the supplies. Slice each coconut covered mushroom into three pieces. These will be the turkey heads on your cupcakes. Then lay out your supplies to begin decorating the cupcakes.
  4. Decorate the cupcakes. First frost each cupcake with white or chocolate frosting. Now press a slice of coconut marshmallow, standing upright, into an edge of the cupcake. Add two chocolate sprinkles onto the marshmallow “head” as eyes. Now slice a gummy fish in half, and press on as a turkey beak. Arrange other gummy fish onto the opposite side of the cupcake as tail feathers. Candy corn also works for the tail feathers. Finally, sprinkle the toasted coconut over the entire cupcake. Be creative! You don’t have to stick to this design when making a turkey cupcake.
  5. Enjoy! Turkey cupcakes make a fun and nontraditional after-dinner treat for your Thanksgiving meal. They are also fun for your kids to pass out to their friends or eat as an after-school snack during the holiday season. If you decorate each cupcake with your guests’ names, they can also be used as name cards at the dinner table.

Turkey cupcakes are a treat everyone will want to gobble up. They are fun to decorate, and an arrangement of turkey cupcakes looks very festive on Thanksgiving. No symbol is more representative of Thanksgiving than the turkey. Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes are also a great treat for classroom parties, whether you bring them pre-made or allow the kids to decorate their own.


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