How To Make a Topsy Turvy Cake: Cake Designs

Get Tips to Make this Fun Layer Cake and Add Cake Decorations

Colorful topsy turvy cake

If you're looking for creative cakes, a topsy turvy cake is a fun and easy-to-make cake. A topsy turvy cake is a great way to celebrate someone's creative and independent style.

To learn how to make a topsy turvy cake, follow these instructions.


  • Ingredients for nine cakes
  • Round cake pans in 12", 11", 10" (2), 9", 8" (2), 7" and 6" - all 2" thick
  • Butter cream icing - enough for eight cakes
  • Sharp cake knife
  • Foam board cake base
  • Kit for stacking cakes - should include 2 plates and at least 8 legs
  • Icing and fondant for decorating the cake


  1. Bake the cakes. You will make nine cakes of graduating size. Bake all the cakes then lay them out on table to cool. Group them together into three sets of three. This is a three layer cake. The 12", 11" and 10" will make up one layer and so on.
  2. The cake designs may vary slightly, but start with the bottom layer and torte the cakes. To torte the cakes you will separate each into two layers. Torte the 10" and 11" cake into two equal layers. For the 12" cake you will torte it on an angle.
  3. Lay the 11" cake flat on the table. Use the butter cream icing between the layers then place the second 11" layer on top. Add more butter cream in between and place a 10" layer on top of the cake but to the side, not center. Add the second layer of the 10" cake on top.
  4. Turn the cake over so the 10" cake is on the bottom before layering on the 12" cake. Turn the 12" layers so that both thick ends are together, this gives the cake its tilt. Place the 12" off-center onto the 11" layer.
  5. Use the knife to clean up the edges. Trim the edges so you have a smooth layer. Cover with a crumb coat then place the entire layer in the fridge to cool and stiffen.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 with the other two layers.
  7. Prepare the cake for assembly. Start with the bottom layer. The 12" section should be on top. Using a cake pan as an outline, cut an 8" round hole into the cake, approximately ½" thick at the smallest edge. The bottom of the hole should be a flat surface. Remove the 8" round layer and smooth butter cream icing around the surface. This is where the next layer will sit so the surface must be stable.
  8. Prepare the second layer. Turn the second layer upside down so the 10" section is facing up. Cut a 6" round hole in the top of this cake similar to what you did in step 7.
  9. Cover each layer with fondant. Choose a color that will be the base for the cake's theme.
  10. Assemble the layer cake. Prepare the cake plates with legs at the proper height (usually 2"). Secure the cake plate into the bottom layer. Position the cake so there is the most contrast in the tilt from the layer below. Then snuggly set the next cake on top of the plate into the hole you cut. Repeat assembly with the top layer.
  11. Decorate the cake. You can choose from store bought cake decorations or, if you know how to decorate a cake by hand, you can do that, too. Choose the theme that most suites your cake, then decorate.

Create a topsy turvy cake for a great centerpiece to any event. Plan ahead because making this cake takes time and patience but the result is worth the effort.


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