How To Make a Vegan Christmas Dinner

Easy and Delicious Vegan Feast

Christmas dinner for the vegan can be just as delicious as Christmas dinner in the meat-eating world. It's all a matter of making delicious choices and putting together a meal that even your meat-eating friends would be willing to try. The secret to a great vegan dinner is to serve foods that make non-vegans forget that the foods do not include dairy, eggs or meat.

  1. Begin planning your dinner well in advance. Check the recipes to see what can be made a day or two before Christmas.
  2. Decide what your main dish will be. This can be an elegant nut loaf, a festive stuffed tofu loaf or an exotic bean dish.
  3. Add roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes and vegetables to the meal. Make a fresh cranberry sauce by simmering 1/2 cup orange juice, 1 pound of cranberries and 1/2 cup sugar together until the berries are soft.
  4. Make a stuffing side dish if you choose to go with a nut loaf or bean dish. Tofu loafs can be stuffed just like the traditional turkey, and since tofu picks up the flavor of the spices in which it's cooked, you can make your loaf even more delicious by adding a tasty squash or green vegetable stuffing.
  5. Use vegetable stock, seasonings and arrowroot powder to make gravy for mashed potatoes or to drizzle over the nut or tofu loaf.
  6. Grilled, fried or stuffed mushrooms will add a meaty element to your meal. Think oyster, portabella or shitake mushrooms, as they have a hearty taste and texture.
  7. Serve simple appetizers such as raw veggies with various nut and soy based dips, fruit cups or a simple salad.
  8. Sweet potatoes or winter squashes can be dressed up for an elegant side dish.
  9. Choose wines that will compliment the meal for your adult guests. Offer simple fruit punch for children and those adults that choose not to drink alcohol.
  10. Bake a decadent desert or two. Add vegan Christmas cookies and your guests will marvel over the complete meal!

Additional Green Holiday Tips: Christmas trees are getting more expensive, so make an investment in high-quality artificial Christmas trees instead. Artificial trees are now incredibly lifelike and come prelit, so all you'll give up is a sticky sap and fallen needles!


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Great tips. Would like some yummy recipe ideas, or links to them.

By Riley Klein