How To Make a Vodka and Redbull

It is one of the most popular drinks out there, and everyone wants to know how to make it.  The mix of vodka and Redbull has become the go-to drink for all-night partiers.  With the great taste and energy boost from the Redbull this drink is one for the ages.  With a little bit of practice and few simple steps anyone can make a great vodka and Redbull. 

Step 1


The only two things you will need to buy for this drink are some type of vodka and Redbull.  For the vodka I recommend picking something decent -- don't go too cheap. 

Step 2


For a vodka and redbull you don't need to have a traditional 8-10 oz cup like many mixed drinks need.  You can put vodka Redbull in just about any cup, and still be able to maintain a quality drink.

Step 3

Making the Drink

This is not a very typical drink, but there are a few guidelines for how much of what to put in.  You can do it one of two ways. 

  • The first is to fill the glass to about 1/3 of vodka, and then top it off with the Redbull. 
  • The second is to be a little more exact and for every one shot of vodka pour three shots of Redbull. 

Step 4


This is a pretty potent drink, and you will need to mix it properly.  The best way to mix this drink is to, once you have made the drink, pour into another glass, and then re-pour it back into the drinking glass.  This makes sure that all the vodka and Redbull are pretty evenly mixed.

Step 5

Drink and Enjoy

Once the drink is mixed to your liking the last thing you need to do is enjoy it.  You may want to keep a straw in the glass as a stirrer if the vodka becomes too strong. 

Vodka and Redbull is one of my favorite drinks, and you now have the knowledge to make one. 

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