How To Make an Avocado Dip

An avocado dip is simple and easy to make. If you are expecting guests, simply grab the items necessary, and stir it up in a jiffy. Your guests will be pleased at your having things ready so quickly, and you won't spend excess time in the kitchen away from your guests.


2 avocados
1 8-ounce carton sour cream
One serving platter with a bowl in the center

  1. Peel the avocados, removing the seeds.
  2. Process the avocados in the processor until they are almost smooth, just a few lumps left in there is fine, and everyone knows it's fresh.
  3. Mix the avocados with the sour cream. Taste and if necessary, you may want to add a pinch of salt.
  4. Take out a large platter or plate.
  5. Center a bowl in the middle of that, and fill with the dip.
  6. Spread chips around the bowl on the plate.
  7. Small serving plates or paper plates will work fine for individual helpings.

Not only do you have a healthy snack to serve, it is quick and easy.


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Avocado is one of my favorite health foods. I usually just eat it with condensed milk. Will now try it with sour cream as dip. Thanks for sharing!

By Anonymous

I love avocado and do guacamole when I find good avocado. I have never mixed it with sour cream so this recipe will be tried. Thanks.

By Mary Norton