How To Make an Edible Teacup

These cute edible teacups are made out of cupcakes. They make a tasty treat to serve at a tea party or brunch as a creative presentation of the classic cupcake. Here's how to make an edible teacup.

Step 1

Ingredients and supplies:

  • 12 cupcakes, using any recipe
  • Frosting in colors of your choice
  • Tubes of gel frosting, colors of your choice
  • Candies (optional)
  • Butter knife

Step 2

Bake the cupcakes. Use any recipe or boxed mix to bake cupcakes. Because they will be completely frosted, it does not matter which color or flavor you choose. Make sure that the cupcakes are baked in well greased cups so that they will come out cleanly. Otherwise, the sides of your teacups will be rough. If using paper liners, remove the paper liners before trying to frost the edible cupcake. Keep in mind that a paper liner will create ridges on the sides of your teacup.

Step 3

Frost the sides. First, frost the sides of each cupcake. White or pastel colored frosting will be a very classic look, but you can use any color.

Step 4

Frost the top. Frost the top in chocolate frosting, leaving a white edge to look like the edge of the cup. If your cupcakes are especially tall, you may want to add an additional ring of white frosting to give it additional height and a more realistic look.

Step 5

Add decorations. Stick candies, such as a bent piece of licorice or part of a candy cane, into the frosting as a handle. You can also use a curved line of gel frosting to look like a handle. You can also decorate the sides of the teacup with smaller candies as decorations, or add sprinkles to the brown icing on the top of the cup. Add a dollop of "whipped cream" by using several layers of white icing in a circle on top of the brown icing.

Step 6

Place on saucers. To complete your edible teacup, place it on a pretty saucer. Either set it on, or use a thick ring of icing to stick it on, simulating the bottom ring of a teacup. Use small paper plates instead of real saucers if you want to give your edible teacups as gifts.

These edible teacups make a great gift. They are also the perfect dessert if you're throwing a classic tea party. If your little girl wants a tea party birthday, decorate edible teacups together for her guests. They are also a fun surprise for serving at brunch.


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