How To Make Bread Stuffing

A classic for every Thanksgiving Day meal, this easy to make stuffing recipe is a must have at the dinner table.  With a few simple steps you can have the desired bread stuffing that everyone will enjoy!

Step 1

Melt butter

You will want to get about a quarter of a stick of butter and melt it on a clean pan.  You can use some fat free kinds to make the dish a little healthier.  You will want to make sure the butter is spread around pan evenly.  This will stop from burning the butter.

Step 2


You can choose your own vegetables to begin sautéing.  Some recommended vegetables to use are onion and celery.  Recommendation is just about a cup of each for every 4-6 people served.  You will know when you are done with the sautéing when the onion becomes brown.


Step 3


Once you have sautéed the vegetables to your liking or until the onions become brown, add seasoned bread and parsley.  For seasoning the bread use your own special touches, or you can season the bread with a mixture of salt and pepper.  Make sure not to over do the seasoning. 

Step 4

Add stock

Once you have mixed the seasoned bread with the vegetables you will want to add the stock.  First use about 2 cups of stock and mix.  Make sure the bread is moist, and if not add more stock till desirable.  A good general stock to use is standard chicken broth.  This adds great flavor to the meal.

Step 5


After a few good minutes of mixing all of your ingredients together, then add salt and pepper as needed. 

Step 6


Once all ingredients have been mixed well together it is time to cook.  You can put the stuffing in the turkey and cook, or you can butter a baking dish and put stuffing in there.  Be sure to put aluminum foil over stuffing to avoid drying it out.  You will wan to cook at 325f until stuffing has become golden brown.


Once stuffing is browned, let is sit and cool.  Once it has come to serving temperature put some on a plate with the rest of your Thanksgiving Day specials.

Happy Turkey Day!!!

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