How To Make Calendula Tea

Calendula is also known as Pot Marigold. Used as an herbal remedy for many years, it can be made into oils, creams, or tea. Its uses include infection and inflammation prevention, eczema, and other skin problems. Drinking calendula tea, which is made from the flower pedals of the Calendula, is said to improve overall health. Here's how to make calendula tea:

  1. Gather the Calendula. You'll need two teaspoons of calendula petals, which are either yellow or orange, to make calendula tea. Pot Marigold or Garden Marigold is a common annual flower, and it is easy to grow yourself. In fact, these flowers are even found in wildflower seed mixes. Always use organic herbs to make tea. You can grow them yourself or purchase marigold tea bags at many health food stores. When buying dried calendula petals, use one tablespoon for your cup of tea, rather than the two tablespoons required when using fresh petals.
  2. Steep the pedals. Place your marigold petals into a glass. Pour boiling water over the petals, and let the petals flavor the water for about fifteen minutes. You'll need about a cup of boiling water for every two teaspoons of petals; you can adjust the amount of petals or water for a stronger or weaker tea. This is a tea best made in small batches, rather than large quantities.
  3. Strain the mixture. Use a tea strainer to remove the petals from your tea. Try to get as much liquid out of the petals as possible for the best infusion. The process of steeping the petals in water releases their essential oils into the water. A tea strainer or cheesecloth allow you to remove the solid petals while leaving behind as much of the liquid as possible.
  4. Add honey. Calendula petals harvested at certain times of the year may be bitter. Use honey as a natural sweetener, or simply add sugar until the tea is sweet enough for your tastes.
  5. Drink the tea. Drink the calendula tea hot, up to three times per day, to reduce fevers and infection, cleanse the body, and improve your overall health. It may also relieve inflammation of the stomach lining or prevent other stomach problems. Calendula contains flavonoids that are said to relieve pink eye, which is a common eye infection, among many other ailments.

Calendula tea is a well-known herbal remedy for a wide range of issues. The flowers for this tea make a beautiful addition to your garden, and will ensure a healthy, organic source of these flowers for your tea-making needs. Like many herbal teas, the process for making calendula tea involves pouring boiling water over dried or fresh herbal remedies, and then allowing time for their properties to be infused into the water.


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