How To Make Caramel Icing

Although known as a cake coating, icing can serve many other purposes. It can be used as a pastry filling, a fruit or snack dip, or a special treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are thinking of an icing that is easy to make, you won’t go wrong with caramel icing. In just a few minutes and by using just a few ingredients, you will have the sweetest and creamiest caramel icing. Here are a few tips on making caramel icing.

  • Use a deep-bottomed saucepan. You want to use a deep saucepan when cooking the caramel icing. This is so that you can mix the ingredients without pushing them to the top edge of the saucepan. Preferably, use a big saucepan that can give you more room for stirring.
  • Use a spatula. Always use a spatula when mixing the icing ingredients. If you don’t have a spatula, a flat spoon will work just as well. As opposed to regular cooking spoon, a spatula or flat spoon will flatten any lumps in the mixture in a more effective way. Make sure to buy a spatula, especially if you do a lot of baking at home.
  • Stir the icing continuously to achieve your desired color. Caramel icings have different shades. There are golden in tone, while some flag a lighter shade (almost white, in fact). Generally, the color is achieved through constant stirring. The icing color will change as you stir. But in case you want your caramel icing to be in a radically different color, you can choose to use frosting color. To use this, simply dip a toothpick into the frosting color. Dip the same toothpick into the icing mixture and swirl it. Stop when you have achieved your desired color.
  • Use low to medium heat. You need to heat and cook the ingredients to achieve the creamy texture. However, make sure to cook only over low to medium heat. Anything more than that can burn the icing. Also, make sure to constantly stir the mixture so it won’t stick to the saucepan and get scorched.
  • Add more sugar to make super thick caramel icing. Caramel icings are generally thin, but should you want your icing to be a little thick, make sure to add more powdered sugar. If, however, you want your icing to be somewhat thin, add a small amount of water. In any case, you need to put a pinch amount of baking soda to the powdered sugar to keep the icing moist.

Making the perfect caramel icing usually takes some trial and error; plus, of course a nice caramel icing recipe. If you are just learning to make an icing, it is best to pick a recipe that is easy to follow. The idea here is to master the stirring techniques and heat requirements. Also, it helps a lot if you pick an icing recipe that will go well with your cake and pastries. Some cakes require heavy icing, while others need something light.


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