How To Make Catuaba Tea

The indigenous people of Brazil have known of the benefits of Catuaba tea for many generations. They claim that Catuaba can make the old young again. Some say that if a man over the age of 60 fathers a child, Catuaba must be the cause. Now, with our growing awareness of herbs and alternative medicines, we can also benefit from the healing attributes of Catuaba tea.

Catuaba refers to the infusions made from the bark of a variety of trees native to Brazil. Many claim that these infusions, typically taken as tea, have medicinal or aphrodisiac properties. One particular study indicated that the catuaba extract from a particular tree species was helpful in warding off staph infections and inhibiting HIV infections in mice. In humans the extract has been proven to increase the sex drive and to reduce stress. Catuaba has also been used traditionally to improve memory, lessen pain, and to alleviate fatigue.

Before beginning a regimen including Catuaba tea, one should consult his or her physician. Although there are no known side effects or drug interactions currently attributed to the consumption of Catuaba tea, it is essential to obtain a physician's consent when beginning any new herb or supplement.

Catuaba tea is traditionally made as a decoction combining the dried bark with boiling water. The bark is also available in a powdered form. The extract can also be found in capsule form; however the tea appears to be the preferred method of consumption.

To create the decoction, mix approximately one teaspoon of dried bark with a cup of boiling water. Steep for about 5-7 minutes, and then strain the remaining herb from the mixture. If a stronger brew is desired, combine a handful of the herb with eight ounces of water, and allow the mixture to sit overnight. Once the mixture has steeped for at least eight hours, strain and drink up!

You may want to try mixing other supplements with Catuaba tea to suit your own personal needs. Traditional Brazilian drinks mixed Catuaba extract with Muirapuama for a fail-proof aphrodisiac that is still widely used. It is also common to brew Catuaba and Ginseng together for an extra-strength energy boost.

It is generally suggested that a person consume between one and three cups of Catuaba tea per day in order to feel the full effects. Many attest that doing so will lead to feeling refreshed and energetic. An increase in libido is also noted, particularly among men.


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